Halloween in Canada

by Sandra
(Saskatoon, SK Canada)

Q: Is Halloween an important holiday in Canada?

A: Yes. People of all ages and ethnic origins celebrate Halloween.

Q: Do children trick or treat in Canada?
A: Yes, the children dress in costumes and go door to door to receive treats.

Q: Is Halloween a legal holiday in Canada?
A: No, but it is the most fun recognized holiday of the year.

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Q: Is Halloween commercialized in Canada?
A: definitely. CostumeS arrive in stores at the end of August. Besides costumes decorations a popular as well as books, movies, haunted house tours etc.

Q: Does Halloween have any religious significance in Canada?
A: No. Although Halloween's origins relate to All Hallow's Eve, it is purely a fun day.

Q: Do Canadians carve pumpkins on Halloween?
A: Yes, and there are many contests across the country for the best creations.

Q: Is vandalism a problem on Halloween in Canada?
A: Well yes and no. Halloween is now supervised closely. Traditionally out houses were overturned on neighbors out houses, removed gates, soaped windows, toilet papered trees and other such mischief.
There are isolated cases of vandalism every year but it is not a huge issue.

Q: Are there any safety issues on Halloween? For the most part is children are supervised properly there are no issues. Candy is checked by parents, and adults accompany small children. Older children trick or treat with friends and if usual common sense prevails there should be no issues.

Q: Do adults celebrate Halloween in Canada?
A: Yes. Halloween is very popular with adults. Some adults plan all year for their costume. Contests are held, there are many parties and pub crawling is popular. It gives adults a reason be children again!

Q: Is there opposition to Halloween in Canada?
A: Not really. You have a small group of fundamentalists who oppose anything fun as well as those who just don't like anything frivolous. We just ignore them.

Q: What traditions are practised relating to Halloween in Canada?
A: As Canada has a multiethnic background there are many traditions that are practiced within cultures. The most popular is definitely trick or treating.

Q: What is the most popular Halloween costume in Canada?
A: Well that depends on the current pop culture. Last year the most popular was Michael Jackson. Besides the usual witches, goblins and pirates Canadians celebrate pup culture at Halloween.

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