Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween decorating ideas are fun, whether you are throwing a costume party or just having some All Hallow's fun.

There are several easy ways to decorate the outside, or the inside, of your house.

Here are some fun Halloween decorating Ideas for your house.

1. Spiderwebs...you can find spiderweb material in any party store. You can even find it in a can.

2. Graveyard...make tombstones out of foam or cardboard. Paint them and write some silly Halloween phrases on them. You can also find them on sale at reasonable prices at Oriental Trading Company. Set them up in your yard and cover the area with leaves, spiderweb material and even some plastic or foam bones!

3. Make some ghosts out of white plastic garbage bags and hang them from a tree.

4. Make a Halloween wreath for your front door. Use pumpkins, skeletons or bats to decorate your wreath.

5. Decorate your trees, shrubs or porch railings with Halloween lights. You can find pumpkins for a cute look or skeleton lights for a scary look.

6. Buy some gauze and tear it up. Let it hang from your porch roof. It will feel creepy as people walk on and off your porch.

7. Buy a scary door decoration for your front door. There are some on sale at Buy Costumes.

8. Make a scarecrow. Get a shirt and pair of jeans and stuff them with leaves or newspaper. Form a head out of a balloon, put a hat on it. Get some hay and have it sticking out from the neck and sleeves. Rest him somewhere comfortably on your porch or near a tree. Put lots of pumpkins around him.

9. There are machines you can buy to display Halloween lights on your house.

10. Make a Halloween wreath for your front door. Get a plain wreath and glue leaves on it. Top it off with some rubber bats, skeletons or pumpkins.

11. Put corn stalks, Indian corn and small pumpkins on your porch. It will look like harvest time.

12. Put some scary or funny Halloween plastic clingers on the inside of your windows. People will see them when they walk by.

13. Get a Halloween punch bowl. They have them with witches hands or a skull and bony hands on them.

14. Get a Halloween treat bowl that's held up by hands.

15. Get a fog machine.

16. Get a cemetary set up for your kitchen or dining room table. These are on sale and they really are a great bargain. Oriental Trading has them. They are a pretty good size.

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