Halloween customs in Mexico.

by Shelly
(Canton, OH, USA)


1.What is Halloween called in Mexico?
2. When is Halloween celebrated in Mexico?
3. What is the purpose of Halloween in Mexico?
4. What types of traditions are observed on Halloween in Mexico?
5. What kinds of celebrations take place on Halloween in Mexico?
6. Are there any special treats that the people of Mexico enjoy for Halloween?
7. What day is referred to as ?All Souls? Day? in Mexico?
8. In Mexico, what was Halloween originally intended to celebrate?
9. Why do the people of Mexico burn candles and incense on Halloween?
10. In Mexico what types of foods are eaten at the feasts celebrating Halloween?
11.What traditions are observed on ?All Souls? Day? in Mexico?
12. In Mexico is Halloween a joyous occasion?

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1. Halloween is called "El Dia de los Muertos? or ?The days of the dead?
2. Halloween is a 3-day-long celebration that begins on the evening of October 31st and ends on November 2nd.
3.It is a celebration to honor the dead. They are believed to return to their homes on Halloween.
4. Many families build altars in their homes. They decorate them with flowers, photos, candy, and the deceased family members favorite foods and drinks.
5. Parades are held. And people dressed as skeletons dance along the city streets. Families also have feasts in their homes and attend candle lit ceremonies in churches.
6. Loves of bread called ?Bread of the Dead? is enjoyed. Inside the bread are sugared skeletons and skulls. The gift is especially prized if the skeleton or skull has the recipients name on it.
7. ?All Souls? Day? is November 2nd.
8. Halloween was originally intended to celebrate children and the dead.
9. Burning candles and incense are believed to help the departed find their way back home.
10. Most feasts consist of spicy meats, batter bread, a large variety of sweets, and tequila.
11. Relatives clean, repair, and paint gravesites of loved ones and adorn them with paper streamers and flowers then picnic at the gravesite.
12.Yes. It is a time to remember family and friends who have passed away. It is a joyous and happy occasion.

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