Halloween Customs in Ireland

by Cindy Irish
(Placerville, Ca USA)

1. Do they carve pumpkins on Halloween in Ireland?

Yes. Way back when, a blacksmith named Joe made a pact with the devil. When he died, he was not allowed into heaven and wandered the earth forever as he carried a burning ember of coal in a hollowed out turnip. This is where the tradition of carving pumpkins originated in Ireland.

2. Is there a special dinner tradition on Halloween night in Ireland?

Yes. In Ireland on Halloween they traditionally eat Cabbage and raw onions served with, what else? Boiled potatoes.

3. Are there any traditional games played in Ireland on Halloween?

Yes. They play a wonderful apple game called Snap Apple in which an apple is tied to a string and a person is blindfolded. The apple hangs from a string and the first person who is able to get a good bite from the apple wins.

4. Are there any basic traditions that the Irish people do on Halloween?

One old tradition that the Irish do in Ireland is bless their animals with Holy Water to keep away bad spirits and to keep them safe during the night of Halloween.

5. Did the Celts of Ireland celebrate Halloween?

Yes, the Celts did celebrate Halloween, however it was known back then by a different name. It was called, All Hallowtide, Or
the Feast of the Dead. It was with this celebration that the Celts bid goodbye to summer and readied themselves for winter time.

5. Do children go trick or treating in Ireland on Halloween?

Yes, they dress up and go out just as they do in America. They threaten a trick which means mischief if they don't get a treat.

6. What other things do they do in Ireland for Halloween?

In Ireland when it's Halloween, they spend time watching scary movies or having parties and getting together with friends for an enjoyable, although scary, time. They might also enjoy a good bonfire.

7. Did Halloween orginate in Ireland?

Yes, the Celts were the original inventors of the festive holiday we now know as Halloween.

8. Do they throw any good parties in Ireland on Halloween?

In Derry, Ireland there is a huge celebration and carival in honor of the holiday and every year it is a huge success.

9. When was Halloween invented in Ireland?

It was the ancient pagans who began the Halloween tradition although there is some evidence that the Roman's back in 45 AD had their own form of the holiday where evil witches were cast out.

10. Is Halloween a public holiday in Ireland?

The last monday in October is a major holiday which celebrates Halloween in Ireland.

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