Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Cupcakes - Get Some Easy Halloween Cupcake Decorating Ideas And Make Your Own Homemade Cupcakes For This Spooky And Fun October Holiday.

The easiest way to decorate your homemade cupcakes for Halloween is with candy. I found candy bugs, lizard lips, vampire fangs, scary eyeballs and even gummy spiders and body parts. All you have to do is bake and frost your cupcakes...use some holiday colored frosting...then just top those mini cakes with the candy pieces...it's easy and it's fun.

You can also find cake toppers and cupcake rings to put onto your homemade cupcakes. These topper ideas are also very easy to use. You just put them onto the top of your cupcakes. Some of them have picks, so just stick them into your cake. It's really easy to make some fun looking cupcakes. Look at this picture of the batch of Halloween cupcakes I made using plastic skeleton hands. I think they look great, and I can't tell you just how easy they were to make.

The picture is a link that will take you to the Oriental Trading Company. Look under Halloween Candy to find some great and easy to use cupcake decorating ideas. Thrill your kids, your family and your friends with your Halloween cupcake decorating ideas!

Use Scary Candy and Plastic Cupcake Decorations to Make Some Fun Homemade Halloween Cupcakes!

I found black and white striped place mats and put my cupcakes on it to take this picture. I love the skeleton hands I found and they were really cheap...about 4.00. I wish I had bought a couple of extra packs because I cannot find them anymore! I still have the original 12 but would like more...I think they look great!

Next I have a picture of the cupcakes made with scary looking candies from the Oriental Trading Company. These are so easy to make...all you need are some lizard lips or candy fangs and some candy eyeballs.

Homemade Scary Monster Cupcakes For Halloween Made With Candy

Here is where you can find your Halloween candy to use as cupcake decorations and lots of fun Halloween ideas for this year's holiday.

Baking and decorating cupcakes with your kids at Halloween, or any time of the year, is a fun and rewarding project. Everyone can get creative and make some unique designs and the memories you are making are priceless! So get out your baking pans and frosting...it's time to make some homemade cupcakes that are no only simply boo-tiful, but frightfully delicious too!

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