Halloween Cupcake Rings

Halloween Cupcake Rings are the perfect cupcake decorating idea for a kids Halloween party. Whether it is a costume party or a school class party, these little decorating rings will make your cupcakes look great.

Take a look at all the different choices you have when you are trying to buy Halloween rings to put on your cupcakes. Ghost, witch hats, monster, eyeballs, cats and more...all of them are very easy to use.

It is easy to thrill your kids with some cute or scary homemade Halloween cupcakes when you use our fun ideas for decorating. Get all the Halloween help you need whether it is for cupcakes, party supplies or Halloween costumes.

You can find more fun ideas for homemade Halloween cupcakes at the Oriental Trading Company. Put creepy candies on your homemade cupcakes to give them a spooky look. Your party guests or your kids will love the way they look and taste.

What kind of candy will you find at the Oriental Trading Company? Halloween looking candy like:

  • Vampire Fangs
  • Wax Lips
  • Realistic Gummy Bugs
  • Oozing Eyeballs
  • Gummy Organs
  • Gummy Worms
  • Lizard Lips
The Lizard Lips and the Eyeballs make cupcakes look pretty scary and they are very easy to use. Those are my suggestions if you decide to use candy to decorate your homemade Halloween cupcakes.

Look what these Halloween Candies will do for your homemade Halloween cupcakes!  It's easy to decorate cupcakes for Halloween!

When you use cupcake rings to decorate your frosted cupcakes all you do is insert the ring into the frosting. You are done!

It's quick and easy as can be to use rings to decorate your homemade cupcakes.

It is also that easy to use the Halloween candies, like Lizard Lips and Eyeballs, to decorate your homemade cupcakes and they look just as good...or better. You decide which is the way you want your cupcakes to look. The kids will be thrilled with both of these easy cupcake decorating ideas.

In the picture of our monster cupcakes you can see the cupcakes look like they have feet. That's because they do. We used Self-Adhesive Halloween Cupcake Feet and set our cupcakes on them. They make a big difference in your cupcake's look and only cost 1.99 for 12 of them. That's another fun idea you can use to dress up your homemade Halloween cupcakes! Now you have to choose between the Halloween cupcake rings or the candy cupcake decorating ideas...unless you decide to make both.

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