Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Halloween Cupcake Pictures with Sugar Decorations.  See our Ghost Cupcakes!

Halloween cupcake ideas are better than regular cupcake decorating ideas...they can be spooky, scary, gross, funny, furry...well furry might not be so good. But you get my point, I love Halloween cupcakes. You can make these cute cupcakes with the help of some sprinkles and Halloween cupcake rings...which you can find at the bottom of this page, or at the Cupcake Ring page.

You can also find some easy ways to decorate your homemade Halloween cupcakes at the Oriental Trading Company. Look at the Halloween candy for ideas. You can find eyeballs, lizard lips...those two are my favorites, gummy worms, creepy bug candies, vampire fangs and lots more ideas to make your homemade cupcakes look great!

Here are some cupcakes with Halloween Candy as decorations.  I got these at the Oriental Trading Company.

Do you have any Halloween Cupcake Ideas? Homemade Decorating Ideas for Trick or Treat Cupcakes

We are looking for Halloween Cupcake Ideas.

Homemade Halloween Cupcake Decorating Ideas to be exact. It is fun to bake, frost and decorate your own cupcakes, but Halloween makes it more fun than ever. If you have any easy recipes, decorating tips or fun ideas...Share it!

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Halloween Cupcakes With Skeleton Hands On Them 
These skeleton hands I bought to put on my Halloween cupcakes are one of my very favorite cupcake decorating ideas. I think they look just great and they …

My Halloween Spider Made From a Twinkie Not rated yet
I made this Halloween spider from a Twinkie. It was easy to make and everyone likes Twinkies. I uses licorice for the legs and black spray frosting to …

Halloween Candy As Halloween Cupcake Decorations Not rated yet
I use Halloween candy as my Halloween cupcake decorations. I make homemade Halloween cupcakes every year and I always put some creepy looking candies …

Scary Halloween Twinkie Spiders Not rated yet
I made scary Halloween twinkie spiders with twinkies, black string licorice and sugar eyeballs. They look pretty good, don't you think so? If you decide …

Scary Bunch of Halloween Cupcake Decorations Not rated yet
Here is a scary bunch of Halloween cupcakes for you to look at. I took a picture of our finished designs when my sister and I made some cupcakes for a …

Little Witch Halloween Cupcake Decorations Not rated yet
These little witch Halloween cupcake decorations came in a pack with a ghoul, a green monster that looks like Frankenstein and a red devil. They are all …

Little Ghoul Halloween Cupcake Decorations Not rated yet
These ghoul Halloween cupcake decorations are just sugar pieces that sit on top of a frosted cupcake. They are inexpensive to buy and easy to use. What …

Little Ghost Sugar Cupcake Decorations Not rated yet
These little ghost sugar cupcake decorations make it easy for you to make cute little cupcakes for your kids for Halloween. You can get these little …

Eyeball Cupcakes For Halloween Not rated yet
You can make eyeball cupcakes for Halloween to thrill your children and your friends. If you are having a costume party you can make these cupcakes. …

Scary Spider Halloween Cupcake Ideas Not rated yet
Get some scary spider Halloween cupcake ideas from my picture. Okay, they are really not all that scary, though little kids might think they are. You …

Cemetery Halloween Cupcake Ideas Not rated yet
Like scary cupcake designs? Try these cemetery Halloween cupcake ideas for your next costume party. They are easy to make and if I had to tell you what …

Homemade Halloween Witch Hat Cupcakes Not rated yet
We made these homemade Halloween witch hat cupcakes with cupcake toppers shaped like witch hats. You can find them at our cupcake page . Just go all …

Homemade Halloween Cupcakes  Not rated yet
When you make homemade Halloween cupcakes you can use sprinkles and cupcake rings to decorate them. It is easy and it is cheap to use these decorations …

Ghost Halloween Cupcakes Not rated yet
We made some ghost Halloween cupcakes with these cute little cupcake ring toppers I bought. They were cheap and I thought they would be perfect for my …

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Here are some great ideas for your Halloween cupcake designs and instructions so you can make some great desserts for your holiday party:

You don't need to buy a lot of cake decorating tools to decorate some great looking cupcakes, you can do it with ingredients you already have. If you really like to decorate cakes and cupcakes then perhaps you would like to learn some more involved cake decorating methods. I started in the kitchen with candy and pretzel sticks, and yes, I still do use them. But it's also fun to learn more ways to decorate cakes with frosting, fondant and sugar paste!

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