Halloween Cupcake Decorating Ideas With Fondant Icing

Get Halloween Cupcake Decorating Ideas Using Fondant Icing, Sugar Decorations and Frosting...And The Best Cupcake Recipe I Know So You Can Make Some Homemade Halloween Cupcakes!

Amaze your guests at a holiday party, a school party or create some fun holiday desserts for your family with these easy and fun ideas. You will also find pictures of Halloween cupcakes and toppers to put right on top of your frosted mini-cakes. Many of the toppers are made using fondant icing and others are made of plastic rings or figures. Some of the toppers are made from edible images or paper decorations on picks to insert into your cupcakes. Pick the decorations you like best and use them to decorate your homemade Halloween or party cupcakes.

Look at our Pictures of Cupcakes.

These Halloween Monsters are made of fondant icing.  It is easy to create toppers for cupcakes using an easy fondant recipe.

You can whip up a batch of cupcakes in no time and then the fun can begin...I think decorating those cupcakes is where most of the fun is...then of course, there is the thrill of serving them! It's so great to see the look on everyone's face when they see the cupcakes you designed!

These toppers were made with our Marshmallow fondant recipe and food coloring was added to make the different colors. When you decorate with fondant your homemade Halloween cupcakes look great! Start off with the shapes you want your monster heads to be. Roll out some fondant and shape some hair, circles for eyes, smaller circles for pupils and any other shapes you want to add to your face or hair. Like the bow or the squiggly mouth. You can see where the nose and mouth of the "BOB" looking cyclops character was poked into the face using a toothpick.

That's how easy these toppers are to make using a simple fondant icing recipe. It's fun to shape fondant...it's like play dough for grownups! You can also use cookie cutters to make the shapes you want for your cupcake toppers.

The Best Cupcake Recipe?

The best cupcake recipe is an issue that many people will disagree on. Everyone thinks their own method of making cupcakes is the best and the easiest. My best cupcake recipe is whatever cake mix is on sale at the time I go shopping. I always use a box cupcake mix. I like to add a teaspoon of oil to the box directions to moisten the cake mix up a little bit. But other than that...I use it just as directed. What is your best cupcake recipe? Shoot me an email using the contact form if you want to share it! I'd love to hear about it.

Scary Halloween Cupcake Decorating Ideas

I love these homemade Halloween cupcakes I decorated using, not fondant icing, but plastic skeleton hands I found on Ebay. They were about 3.00 for 12 of them and I think they are the best Halloween bargain I found last year! I think they look pretty scary and you can't beat the price. Of course you have to add another 1.25 for shipping so I guess they cost me 4.25...still, I think they were cheap for all the effect you get from them. The are sitting on a black and white striped place mat. You can find Halloween cupcake decorating ideas everywhere, so be on the look out. Dollar stores are usually filled with great accessories.

 Click this picture to see more about our Scary Halloween skeleton hand cupcake decorating ideas.

Ebay always has lots of fun Halloween cupcake toppers, rings and even edible images you can use to decorate your homemade cupcakes. They especially have a lot of easy to use Halloween cupcake decorating ideas and accessories, so be sure to check if they have what you are looking for.

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