Easy Homemade Halloween Craft Ideas

Find all the easy homemade Halloween craft ideas you need to make a kids craft project fun and simple! There are tons of easy projects for Halloween you can make with your children. All the pictures here are from The Oriental Trading Company.

You can look at these pictures and gather your own craft supplies to make each one, or you can click on the pictures for more details. If you'd like to order a craft kit rather than get the supplies yourself, please do. What ever is easiest for you, Mom, is what you should do.

Homemade craft projects for Halloween are fun and simple. So don't stress over your crafting time, just enjoy it.

Halloween Spider Lollipops Craft Kit

Look at what's used in this fun lollipop decorating crafts project for Halloween. Get some lollipops, pipe cleaners, googly craft eyes, small pom poms and some thin ribbon tied into a bow. Now just decorate each lollipop by wrapping a pipe cleaner around the lollipop stick to make legs, attach a pom pom to the end of each one, add some eyes and a bow...you've got a cleverly disguised lollipop decorated for Halloween. A fun, easy and cheap Halloween project.

These easy homemade Halloween craft ideas are perfect for kids at home or at a class party in school, or for a fall party activity to keep the party guests busy and entertained!

Homemade Halloween Photo Frame Craft Kit

This homemade Halloween craft idea is fun to make, and fun to give as a holiday ornament. It's a unique Halloween decoration that Moms and Dads, or Grandparents will treasure!

A frightfully fun Halloween homemade craft project that is easy and fun. Here's what you will need:

  • Foam Craft Sheets or Colored Paper
  • Glue
  • Marker
  • Safety Scissors
  • Photos

All you have to do is cut out some shapes using a foam craft sheet or some construction paper in orange or yellow, black, purple and green. Use the black to cut out the hair, eye brows, wings, or the entire black cat. Use the orange (or yellow) to cut out bows...add some marker polka dots if you like. Use the green to cut out the monster head, the purple to cut out the Vampire shape and the black for the cat. Pay attention to the detail used in this picture. The craft is the picture uses the foam craft sheets. Add another piece to the back, make a cut out for your photo and slide it in from a side or the bottom...finally seal all the edges with glue. Fun, easy and look at the cute homemade Halloween craft project you just completed!

Halloween Spider Door Decoration Craft Kit

This Halloween Spider Door Decoration Craft kit is simple to put together yourself. You will need:

  • Black Construction Paper or Foam Craft Sheets
  • Safety Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper Dots in pinks and purples, green and white
  • Google Eyes
Cut out a circle for the Spider's body, and cut out thin strips for the Spider's legs. Take a look at the picture to see the shape. Glue the legs onto the body. Add some eyes, a nose, mouth and the pink and purple dots to complete the Spider's decorations. Yep, it's another fun and easy Halloween craft ideas project that is perfect for kids.

Homemade Halloween Handprint Bat Craft Kit

This homemade Halloween handprint Bat Craft Kit is another easy Halloween craft project for kids that is simple to find supplies for, and is very simple to make.

The materials you will need are:Black Craft Foam Sheets or Construction Paper

  • Safety Scissors
  • Small Pom Poms (or paper circles)
  • Googly Craft Eyes
  • Cut out paper or foam in shapes for mouth and nose.
  • Hand me a bat? Yes, all you have to do is trace your child's hands on the foam or paper and cut them out. Use a circle with ears as the bat's head and attach it in between the hands. See how the fingers of the hand cut outs make the bat wings? Decorate with paper, pom poms and google eyes until you are happy with your bat craft project.

    I think our homemade Halloween craft ideas page is off to a "Frightfully" Creative start...don't you? Halloween is so much fun and the craft ideas you can use to entertain and teach your children are so cute and so much fun to make.

    For any craft supplies you need, or any more homemade craft projects for Halloween, be sure to check out the The Oriental Trading Company. It's an online crafts catalog where you can buy materials, kits and get some really easy homemade craft ideas. Just examine the pictures and you will learn all kinds of really neat crafting tricks!

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