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Looking for Halloween Costumes? Kids, Adults, Teens, Plus Sized and Pets are what we've got here. Cats and Babies too. So if those are the dress up costumes you need take a look at our selection of online costume stores. Find great prices on costumes and accessories for Halloween at our Clearance Costumes page.

Find gothic costume ideas for the entire family. Baby Gothic / Teen Gothic / Gothic Kids

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Our favorite online stores for Halloween costumes, decorations and party supplies are:

The Disney Store...of course this is for official Walt Disney Dress Up Costumes

The CostumeDiscounters.com...Find the Costumes you need for the entire family and you can find Holiday costumes too.

The Costume Kingdom for Halloween Costumes ...where you can find lots of fun costumes for the entire family.

And of course everyone is familiar with Buy Costumes and their Same Day Shipping* on Halloween Costumes. Try coupon codes 10spooky on orders over 50.00 or 20spooky on orders over 100.00 to save an extra 10 or 20 dollars off your costume order. Look at the online costume catalog for more details.

The new kid on the block this year is the Wholesale Costume Club where you can find the lowest priced Costumes and get a FREE membership from Wholesale Costume Club.

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These online Halloween costume stores offer discounts, coupons, free shipping and some have the lowest price guarantee. Take a look to see what each store offers and get the cheapest Halloween costumes for your family.

Halloween Costumes On Sale! Baby, Kids, Teens, Adults and Pets

Halloween costumes are on sale! Halloween is over and it's time to go bargain costume shopping. Just click on any picture to find lots of great accessories on clearance sale.

It's time to get ready for October 31, 2009. That fun filled night when we celebrate with costume parties, go trick or treating, watch the scariest horror movies ever, carve pumpkins into funny or frightful pictures, and just plain have lots of fun!

Lots of preparation goes into Halloween night. Moms shop till they drop looking for the perfect kids costume and masks. They get Halloween party supplies to decorate houses and party rooms. See the entire list of costumes on our site

The costumes listed below may or many not be on sale. They are the most popular costumes this year for dress up fun on Halloween or anytime you like. I know my kids used to play dress up games everyday! Your probably do too, so here are some fun costume ideas for them.

The Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Kids, Teens, Men, Women, Pets

First let's take a look at the top 10 kids costumes. Since these are the most popular costumes for Halloween this year they may or may not be on sale. If you only want sale costumes click on the sale button when you get to the online costume supplies store. These are the ones that are selling the most this early in the season. The first one listed in Harry Potter's Gryffindor robe...no wonder since the recent release of the Half Blood Prince. Anything with a Gryffindor logo is popular right now, the robe, the tie and the scarf.

The top 10 kids costumes are:

  • Mario Mario from the Super Mario Bros
  • Luigi Mario from the Super Mario Bros
  • Batman Brave & Bold Deluxe Batman Toddler/Child Costume
  • Super Mario Yoshi Child Costume
  • Harry Potter Gryffindor Child Costume
  • Star Wars Darth Vader Costume
  • Toy Story Woody the Cowboy
  • Star Wars Boba Fett the Bounty Hunter
  • Star Wars Jango Fett
  • Special Forces Star Wars Costumes for sale

Now for the top 10 Girls Costumes:
  • The Limited Edition Gypsy Costume
  • Toy Story Jesse Deluxe
  • Super Mario Bros Princess Peach
  • Deluxe Strawberry Shortcake
  • Cleopatra Queen of the Nile Costume
  • The Little Mermaid and the prettiest mermaid!
  • Pink Supergirl
  • The Wizards of Waverly Place
  • Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
  • The Wizard of Oz Dorothey

Both the Super Mario Bros. Costumes are in the top ten, so pick up a Luigi or a Mario Mario outfit for your son...or a Princess Peach for your little princess and don't forget Yoshi.
  • Toy Story costumes are also big this year. Woody and Buzz, to infinity and beyond, Lightyear are making big noises in the boys' costume aisle.
  • The Cleopatra girls costume is one of the most popular for girls
  • The Mermaid is too, but it's on the list almost every year
  • The Queen of Hearts from Burton's Alice in Wonderland is also at the top of the most popular list this season.
  • Jesse, the cowgirl from Toy Story 3 is hot and so are the Woody and Buzz costumes for the boys.
  • There is a beautiful Gypsy costume for girls that is popular too.

  • Top Kids Costumes for Halloween

    Most of the top 10 kids costumes for Halloween this year are from blockbuster movies...Harry Potter, Star Trek, The Transformers and Toy Story, Alice in Wonderland, or from one of our favorite superhero's Superman and Spider Man. The Power Rangers are a popular kids movie and TV theme too.

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    Top 10 Infant Halloween Costumes

    The top 10 baby costumes are:

    • The Lil' Monster Infant Costume
    • The Pink Poodle Infant Costume
    • Lil' Lion Infant Costume
    • The Monkey Infant Costume
    • Lobster Infant Costume
    • A Blossom Infant Costume
    • Tinkerbell Infant Costume
    • Ladybug Infant Costume
    • Lamb Infant Costume
    • Pink Elephant Infant Costume
    These little baby costumes are precious...imagine how they will look on your baby or toddler!

    Top 10 Teen Halloween Costumes

    I am a little surprised at this list of teenage costumes...You would have thought there would be more gothic costumes on this list. But according to my sources here is the top 10 teen costumes

    • Busy Bee Teen Costume
    • Tinkerbell Teen Costume
    • The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland Teen Costume
    • The Gothic Mummy Teen Costume
    • Hocus Pocus Teen Costume
    • Gothic Skull Angel
    • Reversible Mad Hatter Teen Costume for girls and The Mad Hatter costume for boys
    • Street Fighter RYU
    • Pinhead from Hell Raiser Teen Costume
    • Barnacle Bill from Pirates of the Caribbean Teen Costume
    • Hellraiser Butterball Teen Costume
    • Captain America Costume

    Top 10 Womens Halloween Costumes

    The top 10 womens costumes

    • The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland Costume
    • Avatar and the sexy Neytiri Women's Costume
    • Alice in Wonderland Women's Costume
    • Dark Queen of Hearts Women's Costume
    • Twinkle Twinkle, a light up Women's Costume
    • The Mad Hatter Women's Costume
    • Robyn Hood Women's Costume
    • Pirate Women's Costume
    • TMNT Raphael Women's Costume
    • Wonder Women's Costume
    Not as many of the top womens outfits are based on movies, but take a look at the big kids...I mean, mens list looks like!

    Top 10 Mens Halloween Costumes

    The top 10 mens costume list is:

    • The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland Men's Costume
    • Halo 3 Master Chief Men's Costume
    • Pirate's of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow Men's Costume
    • Clash Of The Titans - Deluxe Perseus Adult Costume
    • Batman and The Joker Men's Costume
    • Donnie Darko Men's Costume
    • Luigi's brother Mario Mario Men's Costume
    • Iron Man
    • Superman Men's Costume
    • Vampire, from the gothic collection of Men's Costumes
    Not on the list are someother fun and popular men's costume ideas like The Barvarian Guy, Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear and DJ Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba are also up there on the popular men's costume list this season. More movies come into play with the mens costumes than with the womens top 10.

    Top 10 Group and Couples Halloween Costumes

    • Sandy and Danny from Grease
    • Adam and Eve
    • Popeye and Olive Oyle
    • I Got You Babe
    • Fork and Spoon
    • Bacon and Eggs
    • Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head
    • Safari So Goodie
    • Plug & Socket Plus
    • Fred and Wilma Flintstone
    • Barney and Betty Rubble
    • Tacky Tourist Adult Costume
    • Bacon & Eggs

    Group Costume Ideas
    • Wizard of Oz
    • Alice in Wonderland
    • The T-Birds and The Pink Ladies
    • Star Trek
    • Spiritual Guys
    • Scooby Doo, Fred, Shaggy, Velma and Daphne
    • The Lord of the Rings including Arwen
    • The Addams Family

    Top 10 Pet Halloween Costumes

    Here are the top 10 pets costumes.

    • Elvis Dog Pet Costume
    • Monkey Rider Pet Costume
    • Brave Batman Pet Costume
    • Hot Dog Pet Costume
    • Zelda Punk Dog Pet Costume
    • Jockey Dog Rider Pet Costume
    • Sailor Dog Pet Costume
    • The Cat In The Hat Pet Costume
    • Zelda Cave Dog Pet Costume
    • Taco Dog Pet Costume

    Top 10 Halloween Masks

    The top 10 masks are:

    • Tin Man Halloween Mask
    • Barack Obama Halloween Mask
    • Wolfman 2009 Haloween Mask
    • Captain America Halloween Mask
    • WM Rorschach Halloween Mask
    • Skinner Halloween Mask
    • Cowardly Lion Halloween Mask
    • Star Trek Nero Halloween Mask
    • Dr. Manhattan Halloween Mask
    • Baby Doll Halloween Mask

    Top 10 Horror Masks

    The top 10 horror masks.

    • Michael Meyers Mask
    • Leatherface Mask
    • Predator Dlx Mask w/Removable Faceplate
    • GI Joe - The Doctor Deluxe Vinyl Adult Mask
    • Friday the 13th 2009 Jason Mask Adult
    • Green Gremlin Monster Adult Mask
    • Cryptic Cadavers Skull 'N' Bone Mask PVC
    • Witch King Mask - Lord of the Rings
    • Devil Skull Mask
    • Slipknot Masks
    • Wicked Jester Adult Mask

    Humorous Costume Ideas

    ...are just funny and silly! But isn't that what playing dress up on Halloween is all about? The humorous costumes include:

    • Double Occupancy
    • Inflatable Sumo Adult Costume
    • Inflatable Ballerina Adult Costume
    • Mario Bros Mario and Luigi
    • Popeye the Sailor Man
    • Shark Attack Adult Costume
    • Beer Pong Adult Costume
    • Chinese Take Out
    • DJ Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba
    • Mr or Mrs Potato Head
    • Banana
    There are lots more, so if your looking for a funny costume idea take a look!

    Homemade Halloween Costumes

    To see some homemade costumes ideas for you to look over. You may laugh at some of them, but there is no denying they are cheap costume ideas and they certainly are some very unique costumes!

    If nothing else, you'll get a kick out of these weird and funny easy homemade costume ideas. and easy homemade costume ideas...Page 2

    Skull Punch Bowl

    The Oriental Trading Company is an online party store. It's filled with kids craft kits, party supplies and lots of Halloween games, decorating supplies and novelty party ideas. Take this punch bowl as an example. It's so "Halloween" and it's very unique...this and many other party ideas are sure to impress your guests.

    Check out the amazing collection of gory candy ideas. You can find Gumball Eyes, Skulls, Gummy Organs, Gummy Eyeballs, Mummy Suckers, Coffin-Shaped Tins With Mints,Eyeball Print Lollipops, Wax Fangs, Candy Blood Bags, Cobweb Cotton Candy Treat Packs and much more. Fun ideas for your Halloween party or for your trick or treaters! Visit them through this link.

    Click here to see what the Oriental Trading Company has for you this year.
    Go to Oriental Trading for some really good Halloween party ideas...for party supplies, party decorating and Halloween costumes too...Make sure you check them out! (They are also known for their great prices...they have lots of cheap Halloween supplies!) There's a Skull Punch Bowl Set that is perfect for those dastardly and dangerous Halloween punch recipes you have been collecting.

    The Skull Halloween Punch Bowl Set is Perfect For Your Scary Halloween Punch Recipes

    Duct Tape Costumes / Homemade Box Costumes / No Sew Costumes

    Halloween Masks

    Halloween and Masks are perfect together. Sometimes all the costume you need is a mask! Take a look at the fun selection we have available, including Halloween Masks and SlipKnot Masks!

    Pumpkin Decorating Stencil Idea

    Here is a fun pumpkin stencil idea. It's foam decorations to put on your pumpkins, but you can also use them to trace a design on your pumpkin and then cut it out or paint it in. Plus you can find pumpkin stickers and several pumpkin decorating kits that come with carving tools and stencil templates to help you carve out some really cool pumpkin designs.

    Just go to Pumpkin Decorating Kits and find all the pumpkin carving and decorating tools you need to create an amazing Halloween Pumpkin!

    Take a look at all the Halloween Party Supplies. Find the best haunted house decorations ideas, cute and scary party supplies, fun haunted party favors, unique and scary Halloween candy and lots more fun Halloween ideas.

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