Halloween Carnival Spiders Web Game

by Jillian
(Edison, NJ, USA)

Spider Web Halloween Decorations are perfect for the Spiders Web Game

Spider Web Halloween Decorations are perfect for the Spiders Web Game

The Halloween Carnival Spiders web game is great for that fall carnival party you are planning. You can play this indoors or out so it's a wonderful choice. You can also use it at your Halloween costume party or it might work at your holiday class party at school too.

You will need a spider web and some plastic insects. You can find both of these items at the Oriental Trading Company. An online party supplies catalog that has many Toys & Novelties for you to use as party games or prizes. You can find spider webs made from rope, a creepy cloth one or those stretchable spider webs we see often as Halloween decorations at the OTC.

And you can also find lots of different insect packs for your Halloween carnival game. Some packs have brightly colored insects, some have black spider rings, there are also some individual scary black spiders and some transparent spiders that are a little squishy to the touch and there are some squishy stretchy bugs too. Take a look and I am sure you will see what you want right away.

Now, how to play the Halloween Spiders Web Game. Hang the web up, place a bag, a bucket or a box behind the web on the floor and gather the toy insects you have chosen. Let the kids throw the bugs at the spiders web. The kids must try to throw the insects through the web without them getting caught in it. What prize each child gets depends on how many insects they got into the container behind the web.

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