Novelty Halloween Candy

Buy Novelty Halloween Candy To Hand Out To Trick Or Treat Searching Costumed Kids.

Or Put these scary and fun candies into into unique candy boxes and bags to hand out at the door or as a party favor. You can find it at the Oriental Trading Company. You can find Halloween candy boxes, candy bags plus the candies you need to fill them.

In October there is an excitement in the air. It gets dark earlier, the weather gets cool and the leaves turn colors and fall off the trees. But it's more than just those things. Anticipation is building...we all know it will soon be Halloween and the fun is starting already!

Novelty Halloween Candy Blood Bags

There are some really cool candy ideas here including:

  • Bags of Blood
  • Wax Teeth
  • Gummy Eyeballs
  • Body Parts
  • Realistic Bugs
  • Candy Corn
  • Bone Shaped Candies

You can also find the party supplies or candy gift supplies you need at the Oriental Trading. Just click any picture on this page to go into the catalog. You can find boxes, party favor bags, candy bags, monster hand bags, skeleton bags, Boo goody bags, coffin shaped boxes, bat boxes...check out the amazing assortment of these bags and boxes all with Halloween in mind.

Novelty Halloween Candy Eyeballs

Candy Corn is the Most Popular Halloween Candy

Did you know that little old Candy Corn is the most popular candy sold at Halloween time? Who knew those little corn-like candies would be so popular they would end up number 1 on the candy list? Everyone I know always has these corns in their house in October and so do I. Now we know almost everyone does...but there are also some other very interesting ideas for the sweets you have to give to the children who knock on your door and say, "Trick or Treat". Take a look at the novel and tasty ideas the Oriental Trading Company has for you to choose from. These pictures are only a small glimpse of what's in store for you there.

Novelty Halloween Candy Lizard Lips

You can also use these Halloween candies to decorate your Halloween cupcakes! Put a Gummy Eyeball or some Lizard Lips on your frosted cupcakes and take a look at how great it looks. Your family is going to love these simple to design cupcake decorating ideas!

Get The Halloween Party Supplies And Decorations You Need At Our Halloween Party Supplies Page. You Can Find Costumes, Animatronics, Props, Door Decorations, Party Ware, Bats, Skeletons, Lights, Come And Check It Out For Yourself!

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