Renaissance Gypsy Costume Ideas

Gypsy costume ideas can come from the Renaissance period or from more modern times. When I think of a Gypsy costume I envision a long, flowing skirt with a fringed scarf wrapped around the waist and hips. A peasant blouse that can be worn off the shoulders and lots of gold coin jewelry. The kind of jewelry that makes noise when you move.

A Gypsy costume is a Bohemian (or boho) look that I love. A gypsy's costume moves when she does. And the woman or girl I picture in this costume is wild and free. She loves life and she loves to be on the move. It makes sense that the Romany are a nomadic and bold people.

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The Gypsy is quite a festive costume and usually the person wearing it is seen as a very mysterious character. You know the one, a fortune teller gifted with the second sight giving out warnings of things to come, like in the movie The Wolf Man. Lawrence Talbert is given a warning by Maleva the Gypsy about anyone being bitten by a werewolf who survived would become a werewolf themselves. And then it happens to him.

The old movies are so full of information and costume looks, watch one if you can. I found lots of great costumes and even more jewelry accessories to match this dress up idea. In movies and pictures the Gypsy always have on lots of jewelry, noisy jewelry with lots of coins hanging from remember that when you are planning your costume accessories. You can add a head scarf, tarot cards, a sash, or a belt. Don't forget the long red fingernails and the exotic, overdone makeup. Long wild hair is another Gypsy costume trait you might want to use. Here is one of my favorite Gypsy costumes for girls.

This fun costume theme is fun for adults and children. It is an easy look to achieve whether you make your own costume or buy one. Just click on a picture to enter into an online Halloween costume store where you can find the perfect costume!

Here is another fun Gypsy costume idea, but this one is for women. It's fun, festive, and flirty...just what you were looking for!

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Here are some great picture of jewelry accessories you can buy to complete that Gypsy outfit look!

You can also look for more fun Gypsy Costume Ideas to use for your Halloween outfit at the bottom of this page. Find costumes, jewelry, shoes, and maybe even a wig!

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