Free Printable Grinch Coloring Pages

Christmas is a great time for Grinch Coloring Pages. How The Grinch Stole Christmas has been a favorite holiday movie for kids...young and old alike!

These holiday coloring pages will take you right back to Whoville and remind you of what Christmas Spirit is all about.

You can use Grinch Coloring Pages at your own family's holiday gathering this year. Use them to entertain the kids while the adults are attending to meal preparation or just enjoying some time together.

Check out Birthday in a Box for Christmas party supplies and Letters to Santa! They have some great deals for you. There's even a snowman cake pan!

Use these coloring pages at your kid's school holiday party or let your child hand them out to friends as a holiday gift.

If you're planning a holiday party for your kids you can easily incorporate the Grinch coloring sheets into your party plans. The Grinch is a perfect theme for a holiday party! Use these free printables as a party favor or activity. Are you having a kid's pajama party? Use these coloring pictures as a pre-movie activity...Of course I don't have to mention what movie you'll be showing!

Holiday party ideas can be easy and fun when you have so many fun game and activities to choose from. It's easy to entertain your kids and their friends whether it's at a a school party, a birthday party or just a cold and rainy winter day.

Check out the link below to find 15 pictures you can print out for some coloring fun.

Here are a few printable Grinch coloring pages:

Color The Grinch in his Sled
The Grinch on a Mountain
The Grinch's House
The Grinch Returns the Gifts
The Who's Singing Around The Tree
The Grinch Throwing Christmas Away
Welcome To Whoville
The Grinch Stealing Christmas
Here's Santa
The Grinch with Cyndy Sue and the Who's

These printable pages will make your child's class party more fun than ever!

Click here to find a printable Grinch Grow Your Heart Bingo Game! Click below to find a printable Grinch Grow Your Heart Bingo Game! And here's where you can find great kids party ideas for a Christmas Grinch-mas party. This Grinch guide includes activities, a few crafts and lots of party recipes too. These recipes have fun Whoville names like Roast Beast, Grinch-mas cupcakes, Who-pudding, and Cindy-Lou-Who-Wreaths! Won't the kids love that!

The Grinch-mas Party Ideas ...

Here are some free printable word games you can use to keep the kids busy whether it's a school party or one you are having at home for a birthday or the holidays. It's always a good idea to have an activity to keep the children entertained.

All you have to do is print this game out and give each child a copy along with a pencil or pen to circle the words they must search for. It's educational and it's fun...but you don't have to tell them about the educational part!

Printable Word Search Game

Tis' the season! Christmas coloring pages are fun, free and as much fun as the Grinch pages were! Get some printable pages for your child's school party, your own party or just for some fun family time!

Christmas Coloring Pages

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