Great White Shark Cake

You can make a Great White Shark Cake and plan a fun kids birthday party with a shark theme. There are also matching party supplies, party favors and even party games with this fun theme. So if it is the party theme your child wants you can plan it with these easy tips.

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How To Make The Great White Shark Cake

It is really easy to design a Great White Shark cake for a birthday party. I know it sounds terribly complicated, but it isn't. You will need to bake a rectangular cake and a smaller square cake. Cut a triangle off of the smaller cake.

Frost the rectangular cake with blue frosting to make it an ocean. You can make blue frosting by combining white icing and blue food coloring. Make the frosting look choppy like waves. If you like you can dab the tops of the "waves" with white frosting to make it look like a wave in the ocean.

Now mix some white icing with a little black food coloring to make a grey colored frosting. Cover your triangle with the grey and place it in the ocean with the pointy side up (of course). There is your Great White...let's face it, if you ever see one in the ocean all you are going to see is the fin!

This is a clever cake design and it is an easy cake to decorate. So now that you know how to make this simple homemade Great White shark cake take a look at our Shark Party Ideas Guide

You will find more fun kids birthday party ideas in this party ideas guide and you will also find some party supplies to match your unique cake.

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Here's our free, printable Shark Coloring Page

Print out as many as you like and let the kids color away at your party.

Want more party planning help? Take a look at our party Tips & Tricks guide for more unique kids party ideas.

Don't only consider Shark birthday party ideas...why not think about some Shark costume ideas for this Halloween?

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