Good Twilight Halloween Party Ideas For Your Teens and Tweens!

You can find some good Twilight Halloween party ideas right in the Twilight novels! Take tips from Alice, she is the Cullen family party planner!

Twilight Party Ideas

The Twilight movie and books hold some good Twilight Halloween party ideas! The Twilight Saga and movie are a big hit with tweens and teens, so why not have a Twilight Halloween party this year?

You can find so many convenient teenage party ideas in the Twilight books. The most obvious is a Vampire party theme! The Cullen's are the good guys in the Stephanie Meyer Saga. They are responsible vampires...they only drink the blood of animals. So make sure to have lots of red juice or punch at your teens party. That's easy to make with some red fruit juice, club soda or ginger ale and some red sherbet to float in it. You can use a drink fountain to serve it in for a cool party effect.

Get some fun Vamp and Gothic costume accessories from VampFangs and to see some cool teen costumes take a look at .

Twilight Party Supplies

Finally, there are Twilight Party Supplies Getting these will be really good Twilight Halloween party ideas! They will make your party table look like it's in Forks! I can't wait to get mine. These plates, napkins, cups and other fun party accessories will be available in September. Just in time for Twilight Halloween and Twilight's New Moon movie party ideas! I'm just going to buy some to use on a daily basis! Gotta love Edward and Bella...and all the rest of the Cullens and characters of the Saga.

Twilight Party Ideas

Here's Some Good Twilight Halloween Party Food Ideas

Halloween food ideas are always fun to prepare. Use the color red for velvet cake or cupcakes, some kind of pasta with red sauce, strawberries dipped in chocolate. How about making some Jelly Apples as a party treat? Or drizzle your popcorn with some red butter...that's melted butter with some red food coloring. You can also make some candy popcorn with some red melting chocolate. Dip pretzel rods and potato chips in some melted red or dark chocolate too. You get the menu idea!

Twilight Colors Are Red and Black

The Twilight book covers are all decorated in red and make those your party colors. Red and black latex balloons, red and black tissue flowers, red and black table ware. Use a black table cloth with some red place mats set with some red and black partyware will look great. You can also use a white table cloth with black place mats and red party ware. Use some shiny confetti sprinkled over the table for added effect.

Decorate the shelves and walls with some Twilight posters and pictures of the Twilight characters. Don't forget to use twinkle lights. If you read the books you will know that Alice Cullen, the family decorator, loves twinkle lights. Get some lights in red or black...or both! Place the books around the room on tables or shelves too. Make a centerpiece of shiny red apples in a bowl.

A really cool decorating idea is those life-size picture cut outs of Bella and Edward. You can get the cut outs with James, Laurent and Victoria on them too. At about 35.00 each, one or two, should do the don't want to destroy your party budget by going over-board on the decorations! These are really good Twilight Halloween party accessories!

Any Good Twilight Halloween Party Ideas Include Games!

Prepare some Twilight party trivia games for the kids to play. You can make a game like Twilight Jeopardy. Write down some questions ranging in difficulty...some easy, some hard and then write the answers down so your MC will know the correct answers. Play a game like Outburst, you will need some Twilight name all the Cullen Cars or name 10 kids from Forks High School.

Edward, Bella and Cullen Costumes

Good Twilight Halloween party ideas go together like Bella and Edward! Speaking of Bella and Edward, you can have a couples theme at your party. Ask everyone to come as their favorite Twilight character. The outfits are simple to make...the Cullens dress pretty much like everyone else. Get some ideas on how to make a Twilight Halloween Costume.

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