Good Halloween Party Ideas

Good Halloween Party Ideas start with a theme. Are you looking for some scary ideas or some pumpkin patch ones? That's the first thing you have to decide. There are many themes to choose from. You can go with a certain type of costume, say the Roaring 20's or use an 80's era theme. You can use the haunted house or the pumpkin patch theme too. Once you decide on this you are well on your way.

Is it going to be a costume party? Then you will need some costumes. And you will also going to need some novelty gifts and prizes for your costume contest! You can find tons of them at the Oriental Trading Company. Or go to Costume Express where you can find the most popular, the funniest and the cheapest Adult Costumes and of course, you can get Kids Costumes there too.

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You are also going to need some . That means decorations, paper plates, cups and napkins with a Halloween design on them and who knows what else you might want? How about a fog machine to create an eerie spooky feel to the place. Or there is that outdoor graveyard set up, you know, the tombstones, ghosts and skeletons that can freak your guests out a little bit. That's always fun. There are also some lights you can decorate with. I like to use door decorations too. You know, this is only a drop in the bucket when it comes to Halloween decorating ideas.

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There are so many wonderful ideas, both spooky and cute, to choose from. If you haven't found the right ones for your party take a look at our Halloween party supplies page. That will direct you to special effects like foggers and black lights, room scene setters, photo props for taking some really fun pictures, tombstones and outdoor graveyard props, those scary "Gortraits" or Lenticular Horror pictures in frames, funny balloons and pinata games, lighting ideas like flashing eyeballs, ghost lights or even Halloween luminaria bags and you can even find those huge airblown Halloween inflatables for your lawn. Or get the inflatable coffin for inside your house. You are sure to find exactly what you are looking for at our Halloween supplies page.

Good Halloween Party Ideas Include Spooky Recipes

Don't forget the spooky, gross Halloween party recipes while you are busy with the decorations. Your guests deserve some really disgusting and gross Halloween snacks and party foods when they arrive at your house. You don't want to disappoint them, do you? Check out our Halloween Food Games and you can also find lots of creepy recipes like brains on the half skull, cheesey eyeballs, spider web dip or ghoul's cauldron. That should be enough to creep everyone out. There are always witch finger cookies and cemetery or dirt cakes for desserts. These scary food ideas are perfect for good Halloween party ideas!

Look at these Graveyard Halloween Cupcakes I made with cupcake toppers.

Or click on the picture to go to the Oriental Trading Company to see what easy ideas they have for Halloween cupcake decorating. Get the skeleton hand picks, the mini edible Halloween images or the scary candy to put on your cupcakes. The eyeball candies and the Lizzard Lips are perfect for topping your homemade cupcakes. There are also some Boo Bunch Character cupcake picks that are really cute too.

I hope I have given you a few good Halloween party ideas you need. If you have a question about something just go to the Nav bar and hit the contact button. Send me an email and I will get back to you.

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