Golden Anniversary Party Ideas

Golden Anniversary party ideas are exactly what you need when you are hosting a 50th anniversary party. Relax, 50th anniversary party ideas are easy to come up with. Did you know that the 50th anniversary is called the Golden Anniversary?

50 years filled of richness, the kind of richness you can only accumulate after sharing your life with someone for fifty years, the richness of a life shared with someone you love. Gold can be a reigning theme in your party planning. Gold invitations, gold place settings or linens...even a golden gift for the happy couple. Perhaps a cruise on the Golden Princess as a gift or some Golden Oldies DVD's. Keep gold right up front, it is a symbol of the 50 year wedding anniversary. Golden anniversary party ideas are only limited to your budget and the married couples interests.

Where are you having your Golden anniversary party? What's your budget? How big is your guest list? These are all important party planning questions that should be answered. Once you know the answers you can plan your party easily. Low budget, but a big crowd? Have your party at home...a barbeque or pool party might be just the thing. Big budget very small guest list? Plan your anniversary party on an island or cruise. Medium sized budget, medium sized guest list? Rent a local catering hall. There are plenty of choices when you know what you can afford and how many people you will be inviting.

50th Anniversary Party Decoration Ideas

Plan a special theme for 50th anniversary party ideas. There are lots of themes that will work well with an anniversary celebration. Does the happy couple love the Golden Oldies? Have a 1950's party. Does the happy couple love to visit the Islands, or did they vacation in Hawaii? Have a 50th anniversay luau...complete with a hula dancing contest. Perhaps this couple is having the time of thier lives on the golf course. Then let golf be the party theme.

Once you decide your Golden anniversary party ideas theme you can start to plan your 50th anniversary party decorations. Gold streamers and balloons, golden flowers as a centerpiece, golden linens and plate chargers. If you have chosen a specific theme, like a Luau. With golden anniversary party ideas you really need something gold...even if it's as simple as a gold ribbon around the napkins. If you have chosen the luau, get the anniversary couple a gold grass skirt! Stick with your theme.

Golden anniversary party ideas have to include some fun party games. How about a "gentle" Roast. Or a "Couple Trivia" contest. "King and Queen for a Day" is always fun, especially when you get to be the king or queen! You will need to come up with some fun party favors when you use golden anniversary party ideas. Party favors can be as simple as a few pictures of some happy events during this time the couple has shared together. The birth of a child, and of a grandchild. A new car, or a new house. A special Christmas or other holiday party. High School photos of each of the couple...or even a prom picture if they were dating in High School. There's nothing better than taking a look at the life that two people have shared and what better place or time than an anniversary party.

There are fun ideas for 50th anniversary party invitations and party favors. Send out some gold foil invitations with a picture of the happy couple enclosed. Ask each guest for a "fun fact" about the married couple that you can share at the party. Pictures make the best party favors. Send a professional photograph of the anniversary couple home with each party guest.

Golden Anniversary Cake Ideas

Make your "Golden Anniversary" cake great! You can get a cake topper with the number 50 on it, one of a bride and groom or use the original cake topper that this special couple had on thier first wedding cake. That will be a wonderful cake topper in deed. You can get an edible cake topper with a picture of the happy couple on it. Which ever you decide, make the cake as special as the occasion is.

A Golden Anniversary Card From The White House

This is one of the very special golden anniversary party ideas. Did you know you can contact the White House, yes...home of the President of the United States, and request an anniversary greeting for the anniversary couple. For something as special as a golden wedding anniversary our Government does something special. There are a few requirements that must be met, for example, the couple must be citizens of the U.S. Get details here. How's that for an exciting gift idea?

Get all the information you need at Greetings From the White House

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