Go The Distance A Funny 60 Second Party Game

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Unique Shot Glasses For Go The Distance

Unique Shot Glasses For Go The Distance

Go The Distance is another Minute to Win it party game. These sixty second challenges are lots of fun and deserve to be video taped. This way you can laugh while the game is being played and you can all fall off your chairs when you watch it a second time!

To play Go The Distance you need a measuring tape, 3 ping pong balls, 3 shot glasses and a minute timer.

From a distance of 5 feet you have to slide the ping pong ball down the measuring tape and into a shot glass. You must then repeat this at 6 feet away and also at 7 feet away.

You can only use one hand to complete this challenge and you cannot knock over any of the glasses in the process. You You can only use one hand. You must do this at all three distances without knocking over any glasses. You only get 60 seconds to complete this game also.

Get some funny game prizes and some of the materials you need to play the game at the Oriental Trading Company. They have quite a unique and varied collection of party shot glasses.

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