Gliscor Costume Picture From Pokemon

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Gliscor Costume Picture - Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

Gliscor Costume Picture - Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

Here is a picture of a Gliscor Costume. Gliscor is from Pokeman. He doesn't look like a pocket monster in this photo, does he?

The Gliscor are big, purplish Pokemon and they are like vampire bats. You cannot see the wings with this costume, but they usually have them. These guys hang upside down while sleeping like bats and they are nocturnal...that means they are awake at night. They use sound waves to detect whatever is around them, it helps guide them around any obsticles there are in the's similar to echolocation.

This is just one of the interesting costumes we saw at the AnimeNext convention this summer. It was fun to go and check out all the kids who enjoy dressing up in costumes. Some of them were pretty this one.

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