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Glee Party Ideas For Kids

Calling All Gleeks! Get All The Glee Party Ideas For Kids You Need To Host A Fun Birthday Filled With Games and Songs!

Calling All Gleeks! Find some really fun ideas for your next kids birthday party. To find out about any of the party supplies or party favors you see on this on the picture.

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Glee Deluxe Party Pack

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Glee fans unite in a party centered around the hit TV show with great games, festive food and lots of music! Entertain Gleeks of all ages by setting the scene like William McKinley High School or any general high school hallway complete with lockers. Varsity letter man jackets, knee socks, backpacks, school pennants, a trophy case and any form of school memorabilia is sure to add to the excitement. Keep a karaoke machine stocked with a variety of music choices to make this the hottest Glee party in town!

Glee Microphone

Glee Microphone

Glee TV Show Party Activity Ideas

Here are some Awesome Activities from the Glee TV Show. Add your own fun ideas that you get from the Glee Cast or the Glee Episodes you watch on TV.

Channel Your Inner Glee Cast Character

- invite guests to arrive dressed as their favorite character from the show

- favorite songs or scenes from the show can be recreated using the stars at the party

- picture perfect opportunities are obvious and are great souvenirs

Glee Collector's Edition Cranium

Glee Collector's Edition Cranium

Another Glee Cast Activity Idea

Another fun Glee Cast Activity Idea is Love that Locker

So what's it all about? Design your very own locker!

- design mini lockers

- small cardboard boxes or shoe boxes are the ideal size

- guests can use them at home to store accessories, hats, wristbands, Cd's, photos or any memento

Glee Magic 8 Ball

Glee Magic 8 Ball

Glee TV Show Activity Ideas

Another party activity that has been inspired by the Glee TV Show. Make a Glee Character Collage.

- Gleeks create a collage of their favorite character

- add more fun by guessing the character featured in the collage

- be sure to not use any pictures if playing a guessing version

Glee Collector's Edition Yahtzee

Glee Collector's Edition Yahtzee

Another Glee TV Show Activity For Gleeks

Gleeks are going to enjoy this party activity with a Glee TV show theme! It's called All Star Cast. Can you guess what it's about? Karaoke...Singing...Glee-a-raoke!

- party guests draw a song from a hat to sing and perform

- guests can be given a number upon arrival to be placed in a group for this activity

- depending upon number of guests, 3-4 per group is perfect

- be sure to record for a memory that lasts a lifetime

Glee Super Gleek Charm

Glee Super Gleek Charm

Glee TV Show Party Ideas For Cupcakes

Let your high school hold a Bake Sale. Your party guests can decorate their own cupcakes and then put them out for "Sale". Each party guest gets to pick their own cupcake off the Bake Sale Table.

- host or stage a bake sale

- don't forget the cupcakes with messy red icing

- purple slushies are a great way to wash down these Glee-inspired sweets

Glee Jammin Journal

Glee Jammin Journal

Glee Party Games Gleeks Will Love To Play

Every party idea...even a Glee party theme...needs some fun, fun party games to entertain all the guests. Here are some game ideas inspired by the Glee TV Show and it's talented cast. Get a CD with Glee songs on it to use as background music or for any musical games or activities you plan.

Glee TV Show Party Game # 1

Glee Games are fun and everyone is going to enjoy playing them. Start the fun off seeing how much your party guests know about the Glee Cast and Episodes. Yep, it's time for Glee Trivia.

- test the Gleeks' knowledge of Glee with some trivia questions

- trivia cards can be used to play a game with individuals or teams competing

Glee TV Show Party Game # 2

Another fun party game that is a must when you are planning a Glee TV Show party is Name That Tune. When your theme involves a glee club there is lots of musical fun to be had!

- music is a central theme on the show and should be at the party

- play a version of this timeless game featuring some of the best-loved songs featured on the show

Glee CD Board Game

Glee CD Board Game

Glee TV Show Party Game # 3

Another important part of singing in a Glee Club is not to forget the words to the let's play "Don't Forget the Lyrics". Gleeks are usually pretty good about remembering the songs they have to sing, but they do forget on occasion...see if tonight is one of those times!

- several versions of this show can be easily purchased in stores or on-line

- makes a great addition to a party full of music lovers

Glee TV Show Party Game # 4

Gleeks don't only sing, they dance too. So your Glee club can Host a Dance Off. Get the music list and start those records up!

- crank up the tunes for guests to get their groove on

- play fast songs to speed up the dancing

- dancer or couple who lasts the longest wins

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