Girl Slumber Party Games For Sleep Over Party Fun

Your daughter will need some girl slumber party games when your letting her have a sleep over party! Slumber parties are a favorite party idea for girls. Girls love to hang out with their friends telling stories, fixing each other's hair and talking...usually about boys! (at least the older girls)

You can usually rely on your daughter for some good girl slumber party games. You will not have to plan all of the activities for the night, but it's good to have a few ideas ready in case you need them. Make sure you have a good girl's movie ready to put into the DVD player, and have plenty of snack food on hand.
You may want to consider these slumber party game ideas and when your deciding, keep the age range of the kids in mind. There are some very big differences between kid's and teenage slumber party game ideas.

Here are a few fun slumber party games and activity ideas that will let you relax knowing the girls will have plenty to keep themselves occupied.

  • Have some favorite girl tunes on hand. What's a slumber party without a little singing and dancing!
  • Wii is a favorite kids and teenage party game. If you don't have one, you might be able to borrow one. The Wii games can go on for hours and everyone will have a great time playing.

  • Guitar Hero World Tour
  • Go Diego Go: Safari Rescue
  • Game Party 2
  • Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour
  • Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore Bundle
  • High School Musical: Sing It Bundle with Microphone
  • Dance Dance Revolution
  • Get a good Movie. It will come in handy when all the girls are tired of playing the games. A movie is a good way to wind down to the evening with some relaxing entertainment. Pick one or two of your daughter's favorites so you have a couple movie choices on hand and let the girls pick the one they want to watch.
  • Makeovers are a slumber party game idea favorite. Girls love to put on makeup and create glamorous looks for each other. You can get some face painting supplies, temporary tattoos and colored hair spray, then let the girls have some beauty make over fun. Nail polish and nail adornments are a good idea for party makeovers too. Make sure you have a camera so the girls can get some pictures of the makeovers!

  • A Dress Up game is another favorite on the list of great girl slumber party games. Get some old dressy clothes from your closet or attic and let the girls play dress up. You can also check your local thrift store and see if there are any cheap dress up game clothes there. Costumes are a fun idea for a dress up game, so if you or any of your friends have some old ones, put them out as well.

  • Get a good craft kit and let the girls create something they can take home with them. This will double as a slumber party favor too.
    Get each girl a pair of flip flops or ballerina slippers they can decorate. Glue, some jewel stones, pieces of material, silk flowers and feathers are all good ideas to have in a craft box. Let each girl design her own.
    You can also get each girl a T shirt and some fabric paint. They can design their own shirt. You can also buy a craft kit online at Oriental Trading company.

  • How about letting the girls make their own Ice Cream Sunday. Set out bowls, ice cream and different kinds of toppings. You can use fruit, syrups and candy set out in bowls or jars for the girls to choose from.

    Slumber Party Food Ideas

    Need some slumber party food ideas? Pizza or sandwiches are great party foods for a sleep over party. They are both quick and easy. The girls can fix it themselves!

    Slumber Party Cake Ideas

    Slumber party cake ideas? Just make some cupcakes and let the girls have the fun of decorating them! Get several different colors of cake frosting in tubes and lots of candies for the tops.

    Girl slumber party games and activities are easy and so much fun for the girls. Keep your guest list small and your daughter and her friends are sure to have a great time!

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