Fun Girl Slumber Party Games

Fun Girl Slumber Party Games for your daughter's Sleep Over party. There is no party idea that is more fun for girls than a sleepover. It's a wonderful bonding party idea and it is best when it's only a few kids. This is not the party theme for a large guest list. The keep it simple rule applies to a Pajama party, so keep the guest list small and the games and activity level high. Use these printable trivia questions that are slumber party games for girls. Made just for girls and just for slumber parties!

Sleepover Party

Activities for Slumber Parties

Activities for Slumber Parties can include:

  • Sand craft projects
  • Make overs
  • Make your own sundae
  • Movie
  • Video games
  • Printable trivia questions
  • Boardgames
  • Make some jewelry
  • Temporary tattoos
The list goes on and on and you can find all these fun slumber party activities at the Oriental Trading Company.

Party supplies, game prizes, craft projects...just take a look to see all the fun stuff you can find. There's no end to the fun girls can have at a sleep over party. It just depends on what you plan for them. These printable trivia and match games are perfect for you to add to the nights fun ideas. The best part is they are inexpensive and easy to use. Just print them many as you like.

Printable Slumber Party Games

Here is a list of the games you can find for your girls slumber party games:

  • Gross Boys Trivia Game
  • Gross Kooties Trivia Game
  • Off Your Rocker Card Game
  • After Party Card Game
  • Spooky, Silly Mad Libs
  • Makeup Madness Card Game
  • Disney Characters Match Game
Now take a look at these fun girl slumber party games you can get to entertain your daughter's birthday party guests. Fun is what a party is all about!
Teenage Slumber Parties: Gross Boys Trivia Game

Ideas for a Slumber Party: Gross Kooties Trivia Game

Slumber Party Pranks: Off Your Rocker Card Game

Girl Slumber Party Ideas: After Party Card Game

Slumber Party Activities: Spooky, Silly Printable Mad Libs

Slumber Party Games for Girls: Makeup Madness Card Game

Activities for Slumber Parties: Disney Characters Match Game

Or buy the entire set of games in this Slumber Party Games Bundle

Girl Slumber Party Games: Seven-Game Bargain Pack

Remember to check out our Sleepover Party Ultimate Box where you can find all the ideas, supplies and decorations you will need for a girl slumber party. Plus find our slumber party planning guide to get some more fun ideas like:
  • Sleepover Word Search
  • Name That Tune
  • Telephone Beauty Relay
  • Slumber Party Scavenger Hunt
  • Tent Card & Placemat Craft
  • Design Your Own Slippers
  • I'm Grateful Chairs Game
  • Slumber Party Coloring Page
  • Beauty Stations
  • Sleeping Beauty
All those fun slumber party activities are in the party planning guide, so be sure to check it out.

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