GI Joe Birthday Party

Thinking about a GI Joe Birthday Party for your son? Well, it is a very popular boys party theme. The release of the Rise of the Cobra has made GI Joe a big hit with the kids...he was always a popular guy as I recall. Now with his new crew, including Snake Eyes, he is more stealth than ever.

This is the perfect party for any boy, but if the birthday date is near Halloween, have a GI Joe Costume Birthday Party! There are plenty of cool ideas for GI Joe costumes! If you would like to see GI Joe Costumes just click on any picture.

GI Joe Characters

The GI Joe Characters in the movie Rise of the Cobra are:

Major General Clayton M. Abernathy aka Hawk(sometimes General Hawk)...Commander of the G.I. Joe Team

Conrad Hauser aka Duke...Team Leader

Wallace Weems aka Ripcord...has a crush on Scarlett

Shana M. O'Hara aka Scarlett...intelligence expert

Snake Eyes...Snake Eyes is his code name, but no one knows his real name, it is all classified information. Ninja commando, very mysterious...took a vow of silence

Hershel Dalton aka Heavy Duty...Team's ordnance expert

Abel Shaz aka Breaker...Team's communications specialist and he is a hacker

Courtney A. Kreiger aka Cover Girl...Hawk's aide-de-camp

Sgt. Stone

GI Joe Characters From Cobra

The Cobra Characters in the GI Joe movie Rise of the Cobra (who are all nanotech enhanced soldiers) are:

James McCullen aka Destro...Weapons designer, also founded the Military Armament Research Syndicate (MARS). Films Number 1 villain

Rex Lewis aka The Doctor also Cobra Commander...once he was a GI Joe, believed to have been killed during a mission with Duke. He was disfigured and is the mad scientist behind MARS.The Baroness is his sister.

Ana Lewis or Anastacia DeCobray aka The Baroness...Spy and sister of Cobra Commander, once was engaged to Duke

Thomas Arashikage aka Storm Shadow...Snake-Eyes' rival

Zartan...make up and disguise expert. Serves Destro. Start your party off with a GI Joe Surprise right away. Make each guest a name tag, or buy the pack of G.I. Joe Sigma6 Dog Tags (4 count), and fill it in with either the child's name or use a military rank or use an ALIAS. Each child can have their own military alias, just like the Joes have.

Whatever food you are going to serve (tip: boys love subs and chicken nuggets...macaroni and cheese too.) Label your food Mess, just like they call it in the army. GI Sandwiches or GI Burgers...whatever it is you decide to serve this platoon.

GI Joe Birthday Party Banner

Use Camouflage colors to decorate for your GI Joe birthday party. You can make your own GI Joe party banner by using some sponges, green, black and tan paint and a large piece of paper. Sponge the paper with one of the paint colors. Let it dry. When it's dry sponge another color paint on top of it, but don't completely cover the first color. Let the second layer dry. Finally begin to sponge the last color paint on the paper. Don't cover all the other colors. Can you see how it's beginning to look just like camouflage? Now cut out the letters that spell Happy Birthday and glue or tape them onto your painted banner!

You can find plenty of great party decorating supplies and ideas at GI Joe Birthday Party Supplies at Celebrate Express.

If you have any GI Joe figures you can use them as additional decorations by using them as a centerpiece on your party table.

GI Joe Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Party favors can include goodies like dog tags, GI JOE Rise of the Cobra Tattoos or stickers and a camouflage bandana. Celebrate Express has a GI Joe top secret party favor box that includes:

  • one green striped favor box
  • GI JOE Sticker sheet
  • GI JOE disc launcher
  • Camouflage bandanna
  • Aviator glasses
  • Zotz
  • Take a look at some ideas right here.

    GI Joe Birthday Party Game Ideas

    Snake Eye Stealth Hunt

    Have a scavenger hunt for the boys at your party. Call it Snake Eyes stealth hunt. After all, Snake Eyes is a master of Martial Arts, Ninja style, and can move without being seen or heard. All you have to do is hide some stickers or other small GI Joe favor idea...may some temporary tattoos. Put them into ziploc bags or small plastic eggs and hide them around your yard or your party room. Send the troops on a stealth mission to find them.

    Basic Training Obstacle Course

    Everyone who goes into the army's basic training program does drill and has to complete obstacle courses. Why should your GI Joe birthday party be any different. Plan a relay race course and put some obstacles down on the race path. Make sure your racing teams have enough room to go around or go over each obstacle.

    GI Joe Birthday Party Cake

    Use an army camouflaged cake topper for you party cake. It's easy to use a cake topper and it's cheaper than going to the local bakery to buy a birthday cake. It's fun to decorate your own cake, so try it sometime.

    With a cake topper kit all you do is bake and frost you cake as usual, well in this case you may want to use some light green and black make it look like camouflage. Then just set these cake topper pieces on top of your cake...and look at what you have done! You baked and decorated your very own son's birthday cake...and it looks Great!

    GI Joe party games are easy to arrange...any kind of relay race, or treasure/scavenger hunt will feel like an army game to the kids.

    More Supplies for your GI Joe Birthday Party

    This is another party supply catalog with lots of goodies and party accessories you can use to decorate your party or to give to your guests as party favors. It's nice to compare products and prices when you are having any kind of kids birthday party.

    More GI Joe Birthday Party Supplies

    GI JOE Rise of the Cobra Treat Bags (8 count)

    GI JOE Rise of the Cobra Treat Bags (8 count)... more

    G.I. Joe Sigma6 Treat Bags (8 count)

    Package includes 8 treat bags (approximately 6.5" wide x 9" long). This is an officially licensed G.I. Joe Sigma6 product.... more

    GI JOE Rise of the Cobra Plastic Tablecover

    GI JOE Rise of the Cobra Plastic Tablecover... more

    G.I. Joe Sigma6 Plastic Tablecover

    Tablecover is approximately 54" wide x 96" long. This is an officially licensed G.I. Joe Sigma6 product.... more

    GI JOE Rise of the Cobra Stickers (2 sheets)

    GI JOE Stickers (2 sheets)... more

    G.I. Joe Sigma6 Stickers (2 count)

    Includes 2 sticker sheets. This is an officially licensed G.I. Joe Sigma6 product.... more

    G.I. Joe Sigma6 Dog Tags (4 count)

    Includes 4 G.I. Joe Sigma 6 Dog Tags. Tags are approximately 1" wide x 1.5" long, have a plastic guard around the outside and come with an attached 14... more

    G.I. Joe Sigma6 Masks (4 count)

    Package includes 4 paper masks (approximately 6" wide x 7.5" long). This is an officially licensed G.I. Joe Sigma6 product.... more

    G.I. Joe Sigma6 T-Shirt Emblems (4 count)

    Package includes 4 T-shirt emblems. This is an officially licensed G.I. Joe Sigma6 product.... more

    GI JOE Disc Launchers (4 count)

    GI JOE Disc Launchers (4 count) are made of plastic.... more

    GI JOE Masks Asst. (8 count)

    GI JOE Masks Asst. (8 count) 4 white, 4 black.... more

    GI JOE Rise of the Cobra Tattoos (2 sheets)

    GI JOE Rise of the Cobra Tattoos (2 sheets)... more

    GI JOE Rubber Bracelets (4 count)

    GI JOE Rubber Bracelets (4 count)... more

    GI JOE Watches (4 count)

    GI JOE Watches (4 count) are made of plastic.... more

    GI JOE Rise of the Cobra Party Favor Kit

    GI JOE Rise of the Cobra Party Favor Kit for one guest includes: (1) GI JOE Rise of the Cobra Treat Bag (1) GI JOE Rise of the Cobra Sticker Sheet (1)... more

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