Gene Simmons Halloween Costumes

Gene Simmons Halloween Costumes for that secret alter ego you've hidden away. You want to be the Demon? Do you picture yourself dressed up as a Rock Star of the 80 's...can you believe Kiss is that old?

What ever your reason for checking out this Gene Simmons Demon costume, or the other guys in the band Starchild, Spaceman or Catman, you can find the perfect costume here.

KISS - Demon Adult Costume

KISS - Demon Adult Wig

KISS - Demon Child Costume

Plus find the wigs, masks, make up kits and even the monster boots that Kiss wore. You remember those giant platform boots from the Alive! tour. They are 7 inch platforms and they have a detachable diamond piece with silver stud embellishments, side zipper, and white flame other words, they are the perfect Gene Simmons Halloween costume accessory. Check them out today along with the rest of the Kiss costume stuff.

Check out these Authentic Kiss Costumes that are new for 2010.

KISS - The Authentic Catman Adult Costume

KISS - The Authentic Demon Adult Costume

KISS - The Authentic Spaceman Adult Costume

Gene Simmons Costume Make Up

Anyone who knows anything about Gene Simmons Halloween Costumes knows the make up is most of the outfit. So you will need some theatrical make up and a pattern, the Demon make up pattern, to follow. You can find that here along with some other interesting costume accessories. There is the Demon your hair will look just like Gene Simmons did when he dress up as "The Demon". Then there is the Gene Simmons Halloween make up you can put on your own Demon face.

KISS - Demon Latex Full Mask With Hair Adult

KISS - Demon Makeup Kit

KISS - Demon Temporary Face Makeup

The make up kit comes with
  • White cream
  • black cream
  • 3 blood capsules
  • setting powder
  • 2 application sponges
  • applicator brush
  • powder puff
It's hard to picture Gene sitting with all this stuff around him isn't it. Funny how we so believe the persona and don't even think about how the actor or rocker achieved that look...and finally there is the Demon Face Temporary Tattoo. It's a tattoo of the make up look Gene Simmons wore when he dressed up as the Demon. Take a look at it, it seems pretty easy to use.

KISS - Starchild Latex Full Mask With Hair Adult

KISS - Starchild Makeup Kit

KISS - Starchild Temporary Face Makeup

More Fun Halloween Costume Ideas

Need more fun Halloween costume ideas? The Gene Simmons Halloween costumes aren't your cup of 80's rock costume? Take a look at the fun ideas you can find below. There are costumes for the entire family. Babies, kids, adults, couples and find teen costumes too.

KISS - Spaceman Child Costume

KISS - Starchild Child Costume

KISS - Starman Feathered Sleeves Adult

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