G-Force Movie Party Ideas

Are you thinking about having a G-Force Movie Party? Great, there are lots of G-Force movie party ideas and there are lots of party supplies with the G-Force gang as a theme for you to choose from.

Start with some really cute party invitations...with hamsters on them. They say "Get ready for Operation Party!" and "Top Secret" on them...G-Force is an elite team of...well, of hamsters, a mole and a fly and they are on a mission...a top secret spy operation in a covert government program that trains these animals in espionage.

G-Force Movie

The G-Force guinea pigs are:

  • Darwin, the squad leader
  • Blaster, the weapons expert
  • Juarez, a martial arts expert
The Fly is:
  • Mooch, a reconnaissance expert
The Mole is:
  • Speckles, a computer expert
The mission? To save the world from an evil billionaire who has plans to destroy the world using everyday household appliances. Before they can complete the mission the government shuts down the program and the team gets put in a pet shop. There they meet Hurley, a guinea pig and Bucky, a hamster. Together, they all escape the pet shop escape the cage and defeat the villain, and of course they save the world.

G-Force will be a popular party theme, not only because kids will love the movie, but also because of the video games that are going to be available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS and PC in July. Kids will love the movie and the games, so your going to hearing a lot about G-Force party ideas.

G-Force Party Supplies

You can find plenty of G-Force movie party decorations and supplies at your local party store, or one of the online party supply web sites. Hang up a G-Force party banner over the front door to welcome your guests to the party. Take a look at the money saving party packs that are available in two different sizes, basic, deluxe and ultimate. These party packs are filled with theme decorated party supplies including:

  • Party Invitations
  • Plates
  • Cups
  • Napkins
  • Tablecloths
  • And More
And they are perfect for decorating your party table and room with the G-Force party theme.

G-Force Party Favors

Pick out a pre packed G-Force Party Favor Box filled with goodies that kids will love, like:

  • A Green Striped Box
  • a G-Force Mystery Pad and Decoder
  • G-Force Sticker Sheet
  • Snap n Glow Pop
  • A Black Spy Telescope
  • Black Slime
Isn't that just perfect for a party whose theme is based on covert spy operations? You can also buy your party favors alone, without the box, and you can choose one or more of these fun favors to hand out to your guests. There are so many ideas including:
  • Disney's G-Force Mystery Water Paint Boards
  • G-Force Tattoos
  • G-Force Temporary Tattoos
  • Telescopes

Choose some fun party games, and for this theme a scavenger hunt, or a spy treasure hunt would be perfect. (you can surprise everyone with the spy telescopes or G-Force mystery pad and decoders right about now) Plan a relay race or G-Force charades. Print out some G-Force coloring pages for all the kids to color or put them into your party favor bags.

G-Force Party Cake Ideas

There is not a cake topper for this party theme, but you can find a army one that will fit this theme. You can also get an edible cake topper with a picture of the G-Force movie team. Just put it on top of your homemade, frosted cake. These edible cake images are easy to use and they look just great! All the kids, including your own, will be amazed with your cake decorating skills.

G-Force is a great kids movie and a fun party theme for kids. And it's an easy one for you to plan Mom!

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