Funny Party Games Buckethead

Funny Party Games, Buckethead, Spin Doctor, Bobblehead, Breakfast Scramble, Blind Ball are just a few of the games you can play at your next party. These games seem rather simple at first glance. I bet you think, "I could do that"! But when you see people attempt to win these games or complete these challenges in just a minute you start to see them in a different light. Each of these games is pretty tough to complete and in just a minute, well, that sounds almost impossible.

To find out how to play these hysterical games just go to our

funny party games invitation.

Give it a try...let's see how many of your party guests can actually complete one of these funny games in the allotted time. Make sure you have some good prizes ready to hand out to the players who do finish in a minute or less. Make the prize fit the game. Like Breakfast Scramble prize can be a box of cereal, or the Buckethead prize can be a small bucket filled with candies...use your imagination when you are choosing your prizes...make them as much fun as the games!

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