Funny Party Games From Minute To Win It Spin Doctor

by Jillian

Spin Doctor is just one of the funny party games I found on Minute To Win It. This challenging game is perfect for kids and teens, couples, adults...anyone who wants to play a challenging and fun game. It is not as easy to play this game as you think. Young children might find this game frustrating to play...I know I did.

To play this game you need a dime and a wooden cutting board.

This game, created from the activities of the absentminded, this challenge involves only a dime and a wooden cutting board.

Spin the dime and then stop it with one finger while it stays upright. Most of us have done this with a quarter and you may be thinking this is child's play, but it is significantly more difficult with a dime.

To further challenge to player, this must be repeated ten times. And you only have a minute to complete this.

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