Funny Bridal Shower Games

Looking for some Funny Bridal Shower Games? Bridal shower games don't need to be expensive and they can help to make certain that all of the guests have a great time. Funny bridal shower games will get your guests talking and laughing in no time at all. Here are some game ideas that you can use at your next bridal shower.

Now, let's find some fun party games for that bridal shower! Did you thing about bridal shower favors and game prizes?

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What’s She Wearing?

Put enough paper and pens on each table so every guest has one. Have everyone look at the bride for a minute or so, then ask the bride to leave the room. The guests then write down on a piece of paper what the bride was wearing. Have the bride return to the room and compare everyones notes. The person with the most accurate description wins. A variation on this game is to create a form with questions that is then distributed to the guests.

What’s in Your Bag?

The host of the party creates a list that includes a number of objects commonly found in a woman’s purse. When the guests arrive, have each woman look through her purse to see if she has any of the items on the list. The guest with the most items wins.

The Clothespin Game

The clothespin game is a classic game for many parties and showers. As the guests arrive each one is given a clothespin to clip on their clothes. The host announces that there is a buzzword that the guests are forbidden to say throughout the course of the bridal shower. If one of the guests catches another saying the buzzword, they can take their clothespin. At the end of the evening everyone tallies up the amount of clothespins they've captured. The guest with the greatest number of clothespins wins.

A variation of this game is to choose an activity instead of a buzzword. For example, you could have the game set where anyone who crosses their legs, twirls their hair, or folds their hands loses their clothespin.

Printable Bridal Shower Games

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