Fun Homemade Halloween Crafts For Kids

Fun Homemade Halloween Crafts For Kids you can make with supplies you already have in your home or you can get them from a special craft store online. Craft ideas like paper plate projects or a homemade holiday bingo game are very easy to make yourself. On this page you will find pictures of different craft ideas. You can order them from Oriental Trading Company by clicking on the picture...or you can examine each picture, see the materials and shapes used for each craft kit...and copy them. That's right...make it yourself. It's fun to make crafts and it's even better when it is cheap...don't you think?

If you'd prefer to buy a kit containing all the materials you will need except glue, then go ahead. These craft kits for kids are cheap. The prices run from five to eight dollars each, and you can make about 12 craft items from each one. So it's perfect if you are having a Halloween party, you can use these craft kits as a party activity...and a favor for each child to bring home. Of course, you can also gather the supplies yourself, cut out the shapes you will need and let the kids make it that way. Either way will be lots of fun for everyone!

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Design Your Own! Halloween Sticker Scenes

You can design your own Halloween Sticker Scenes! Just draw a spooky house and landscape onto construction paper, cut out some scary trees and let the kids decorate it with Halloween stickers. This is a fun and easy Halloween craft idea for preschoolers and kids.

Or buy this kit that contains enough for 12 projects! How cheap is this craft kit for kids?

Handprint Bat Craft Kit

A homemade bat craft kit is another one of those fun homemade Halloween crafts for kids...and it's another easy craft idea to use at a party, at school or at home with your own children. The bat's wings are made with handprints. Place your child's hand on some construction paper and draw an outline. (See the picture) Then cut out the outline of the hand. Do the other hand, and glue the two cutout handprints together at the wrist mark. Then decorate your homemade Halloween bat craft! Or buy the kit...either way it's a fun homemade Halloween crafts for kids that will bring loads of holiday fun to your house.

Paper Plate Jack-O'-Lantern Craft Kit

Everyone knows that paper plate craft ideas are some of the easiest homemade Halloween craft ideas for kids...and of course, not just Halloween...paper plate craft ideas are easy for every holiday! And paper plate craft ideas are cheap too. That makes them even more fun, doesn't it Mom? Just take a look at the picture to see what materials you will need to make these cool Jack-0'-Lanterns out of paper plates. Paper plates, cut out shapes from construction paper, maybe a pipe cleaner...have I missed anything? Of course, you can buy it too, just click on the picture.

Bat Clothes Pin Craft Kit

Another fun homemade Halloween crafts for kids is a Bat made out of a clothes pin! You will need some napkins or tissue that you can make accordian pleats in...take a look at the picture to see an example of accordian pleats. You will need clothes pins, black paint and glue, a pom pom and paper cut outs to use as the mouth, eyes and ears of the bat. It's a simple enough craft idea for preschoolers and young might have to help, but that's part of the fun! Of course, just click on the picture and you can buy it for 6.00...and you can make 12 from each kit. They are cute little Halloween bats, aren't they? I cannot find these any longer but here's a picture and you can try to make it yourself. It's not difficult at all and they are very cute.

Bat Clothes Pin Crafts for Kids at Halloween

Make A Halloween Bingo Game

You can make your own Halloween Bingo Game, it's just one more of those fun homemade Halloween crafts ideas for kids...or you can buy a Halloween craft kit that will make 8 bingo boards. Great to use as a Halloween craft at a kids party or play it during the holidays with your family. You will need some paper with a bingo board drawn on it...see the craft picture for ideas. Then you can use stickers as your "Bingo Numbers" and have the caller call out the names of the pictures on the stickers. Some real Halloween fun for everyone, and it's an easy homemade Halloween crafts idea for kids that you can make or buy for 6.00. Now, that's some cheap Halloween fun!

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