Fun Baby Shower Games

Fun Baby Shower Games are enjoyed by everyone because moms-to-be, godparents, grandparents, and all the other shower guests at the baby shower get to play silly, fun games again.

I've included some of the most fun baby shower games I know. All these games can be played with very little preparation. My list of Baby Shower games includes:
  • Sing It, Baby!
  • Measuring up Mommy
  • Here's Looking at You, Kid!
  • Don't Say Baby
  • Baby Truth or Dare
  • The Seventh Gift
  • Dig out the Pins

Playing fun games at a baby shower help to break the people who don't know each other work together playing a fun game. It helps everyone relax, have fun and get to know each other. When the guests at the shower are having fun and comfortable with each other it makes it more fun for the Mom to be too.'s the fun part where you find out all about these fun baby shower games and how to play them!

Sing It, Baby!

To play Sing It, Baby, have your guests get in a circle. They can be standing or sitting. Each guest in the circle has to sing one or two lines from a song that has the word "baby" in it. The first person has their turn and then it's time for the next person to her right to sing.

Songs cannot be repeated so if anyone tries to repeat a song, or if they cannot think of a song with Baby in it to sing, they are out. The game is over when there is only one person left and they get a prize for participating!

Another fun baby shower game is Measuring Up Mommy.

Measuring Up Mommy

Measuring Up Mommy...because a Mom to be has certainly become bigger! You will need some toilet paper for this measuring game. Ask each game contestant to guess the size of Mom to be's tummy by ripping off a piece of toilet paper they estimate to be the same size as mom's girth.

Each guest then takes a turn wrapping their length of toilet paper around the Mom to Be's tummy. The guest whose toilet paper is the closest to Mom's stomach size is the winner.

Here's Looking At You Kid is third on our list of fun baby shower games.

Here's Looking At You Kid

How did you look when you were a baby? Take a stroll down memory lane with this baby shower game by bringing along your baby picture. Make sure to add this request to the baby shower invitation so everyone knows to bring their own baby photo. When the guests arrive get each persons baby picture and give each picture a number. Give everyone a piece of paper and a pen, lay all the pictures out on a table with their number underneath them. Ask everyone to guess who's baby picture each one is. The person who can identify the most baby pictures to their owners is the winner. This is a very funny game!

Don't Say Baby is the fourth fun baby shower game on our list.

Don't Say It Baby

When you aren't supposed to say something, you say it more often! That's what you hope when you play this baby shower game. No one can say the word "baby". Give each guest a diaper pin when they arrive at your baby shower. Anyone who says baby has to give their diaper pin to the person who outs them. The person with the most diaper pins at the end of the baby shower is the winner.

Number five game is Baby Truth or Dare.

Baby Truth And Dare

Like baby trivia? Then Baby Truth and Dare is the shower game for you. Write down some baby trivia, some true...some not true. All during the baby shower ask your trivia questions. Have your guests guess if they are true or false facts. Each person who guesses correctly can get a prize or you can wait til the end of the shower and give a prize to the person who has guessed the highest amount of questions correctly. Some people play a second part to this game...the people who don't guess a question correctly can get up and sing a baby song.

The Seventh Gift is number six on our fun baby shower game list.

The Seventh Gift

The Seventh Gift is similar to the old wives tale that at a wedding, the single woman who is lucky enough to catch the bride's bouquet will get married next, or so the saying goes. With the Seventh Gift, the saying says that "the giver of the seventh gift that is unwrapped at a baby shower will be the next one to get pregnant. No switching gifts to be the seventh one! That would be cheating!

Dig Out The Pins is the last fun baby shower game on our list.

Dig Out The Pins - Baby Safety Pins

Dig Out The Pins is lots of fun to watch or to play, here's how you do it. Put plastic baby safety pins and uncooked rice into some large bowls. Let's see how dexterous your shower guests are! Make sure you use big bowls.

The winner is the person who digs out the most pins in one minute. Use small safety pins, lots of rice and big bowls to make this competition as funny as can be!

Choose one or all of these fun baby shower games to entertain your guests and make the shower you are hosting one fun baby shower!

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