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Here are the Fun Animal Games you need if you are thinking about a John Deere, Barnyard or Farm Animal birthday party theme for your next kids birthday party. Farm Animal games are very popular at a kids party. There are also lots of fun farm animal activities and crafts that are easy for kids to for your next birthday celebration choose a fun theme like farm animals!

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What Fun Animal Games Are There For A Party?

What kind of fun animal games are there for a kids party? Wait until you see the long list of games that have farm animals as the theme. It's going to be a difficult's one party tip I have for you...always prepare for more party games than you think you will need. If your games are finished quicker than you planned you will want some extra game ideas to use so those kids don't get bored. Bored kids at a party equal trouble! Plan lots of games!

Get that barnyard party started with some fun Sing-a-Long Games. Old MacDonald and Farmer in the Dell are both circle sing-a-long games. For Old MacDonald have the kids form a circle and hold hands while they walk around and sing. Have Old MacDonald stand in the middle of the circle and choose animals to join him when the kids sing an animal name. This way everyone finally ends up in the circle!

Farmer in the Dell is another fun kids circle game. Form a circle with the Farmer in the Dell in the middle. As the kids sing, the farmer gets to choose a wife, the wife gets to choose a child and so on. The last person to be picked is the Farmer in the next game. Get the words to Old MacDonald. Get the words to Farmer in the Dell.

More Fun Animal Games For Kids

Here are more fun ideas for animal games for your barnyard party.

Animal Bingo is easy to play. Make bingo boards...make 5 columns and 5 rows. Fill each one with the name of a different farm animals or use animal stickers. As you put an animal sticker or name on a board, also write the name on a small piece of paper and put that paper into a hat. Pick a paper from the hat to "call" the bingo game. Let the kids mark off the animal on the boards with a marker or crayon as they are called.

Animal Sound Bingo is another fun game for kids at a barnyard party. Make the bingo boards and write the names of the animals on a piece of paper...just like above. The fun difference with this game is instead of calling the animals name, the bingo caller has to make the sound the animals make. This can get noisy, but it's one of those fun, fun, fun games kids won't forget!

Animal Pinatas are another fun game to play with kids. Always get the pull string model or get the pull string conversion kit to make your pinata safe for the kids. Pinatas come in cow, pig, horse or even bull shapes.

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Pin the Tail Pin the Tail on the Donkey using any farm animal you want.

Search the Haystack is easy to prepare. Fill a box with hay, popcorn or shredded paper and hide some plastic farm animals in there. Let each child have about 15 or 20 seconds to find as many animals as they can. Keep refilling as kids take turns and let everyone keep the farm animals they find.

Chicken Egg Toss Form two teams. Have each team form two lines and have the lines facing each other. Get some raw or hard boiled eggs and have the kids toss the eggs to each other. As kids drop eggs they are out...the last two kids standing with their eggs are the winners.

Mini Plastic Horses (1 Set)

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Farm Egg Hunt This party game is just like an Easter Egg Hunt...except you don't have to dye the eggs, but you can if you like. Hide the hard boiled or plastic, goody filled eggs in your party room or in the yard. Let the kids run around and find them. Each egg they find gets a prize or let them keep the plastic eggs you filled with goodies!

Cow Balloon Stomp Game this game is lots of fun when you use those special cow patterned latex balloons so it feels like you are stomping cattle. These balloons are cute as can be so if you can get some for your barn party. Use them as decorations and then for this game.

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The Farmer Says is played just like that old, classic and fun kids party game Simon Says. The Farmer stands at the front of the group and tells the other players what to do. The Farmer Says stand on one leg, The Farmer Says put your hand on your head...but if the Farmer gives a command without saying "The Farmer Says"...anyone who obeys that command is out. This game is played until there is only one player left standing.

Piggie Squeal Contest is played just how it sounds...the child who can make the loudest Piggie Squeal is the winner. Of course, you might have to play a couple rounds to choose a winner.

Barnyard Animal Yell Contest is similar to Piggie Squeal. It's another noisy, but fun, kids party game. Let your party guests make barnyard animals sounds...the key to winning is to be the loudest yeller of all.

Duck Pond Game is that old time carnival game. Get plastic duckies that float...they are usually the 3 to 4 inch ones...and write a number on the bottom of each duckie in permanent, waterproof marker. Each number should have a prize value attached to it. For example the number one might mean you won a stuffed farm animal plush, while a number five might be a temporary tattoo with a farm animal on it. Float your ducks in a bucket or kids plastic pool filled with water. Let the kids scoop the duckie they want from the water and then give them the prize they won.

Pass the Piggie can be played as Pass the Cow, the Duck or whatever animal you like...I just liked the way Pass the Piggie sounded! The idea is the same as the classic party game Hot Potato. Have the kids form a circle. Give them a farm animla plush toy to pass around. Start some music and the passing begins. Stop the music and who ever is holdling the plush is out. Keep going until there is one child left in what was the circle. That lucky child gets to keep the farm animal plush toy!

Pig Bean Bags (8)

Pig Squirters (8)

THE PIG 18" Pull-String Pinata

Animal Charades is played the same as regular party Charades using a farm animal theme. Put the names of some farm animals in a hat and let each guest pick at a time. Each player must mimic the animal they choose giving clues so the other team members can guess the animal. All this but without speaking so the game is challenging and fun.

Chicken and the Egg Hunt is exactly what it sounds like. Get some plastic chickens or chicken plush toys, balls...something with a chicken on it. Get some hard boiled eggs or the plastic eggs and fill them with goodies. Hide the chickens and the eggs all over. Let the kids go and have a hunt to find them. Each guest gets to keep the prizes they find. Start the game by saying, "Which Came First...the Chicken or the Egg? Never mind which came first...let's just find all the chickens and the eggs, so go get them!"

The Chicken Dance is a corny but fun party dance and you can turn this fun song into a very funny kids animal party game. The guests move to the music of "The Chicken Dance Song." Teach them the movements before the first official dance. This is just a fun party activity. No need for a prize unless you just decide to give everyone something!

Animal Farm Bean Bag Toss everyone knows how to play bean bag toss, right? Cut some holes in a box. Decorate the outside of the this case, use a farm motif. Get bean bags...maybe some bean bag plush toys your kids have. Draw a tossing line mark where the kids must stand as they try to throw their plush beanine bags into the holes of the box. Make easy to get holes ten points and the more difficult holes get a hight point value.

is just like anyother relay race except it has a farm or barnyard feel to it. The thing is, kids will always love indoor or outdoor relay races. Set up a start line and a mid-point line. The object of the game is to have two teams racing against each other as they race to a certain point, do a corny put on a pair of farmer's cover-alls and rush back to the line. You can have the kids carry buckets of water from one place to like a chicken or yell like two farm animals as tthey are at the mid point. Then they must race back to the start line, tag the next player so they can repeat the process...this is one of those fun, fun, fun games kids love to play!

•Needle in a Haystack...let's find whats hidden in the hay •Hay in the Way Obstacle Course love obstacle courses so prepare one with your party theme in mind •Horse shoes are an old, fun party favorite •Animal Bowling...yes, bowling with pins that look like animals

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