Frog Birthday Party Ideas

Check out these Frog birthday party ideas How does a frog feel when he is hurt? Unhoppy! Ut-oh, some one let some frog jokes out! What the heck, it's a party! Here are some frog party supplies for your kids birthday party ideas.

Frog Friends Party Birthday Box

Frog Friends Cake Plate

Frog Friends Table Cover

Frogs make a noise that sounds like "Ribbit", but we call it croaking. And the frogs on these party supplies are probably saying "Hoppy Birthday". There are frog invitations, supplies, favors and even some frog games to keep all your guests "hopping" for joy.

Frog Party Invitations

You can make your own frog party invitations or you can buy them from a party supply store. To make your own, get a frog template and trace the shape on to green construction paper. Then cut out the frog shapes and fill in your party information. Remember, who, what where and when. It's good to add an RSVP and phone number so you know how many guests will be coming. You can also use frog stickers to make your invites.

You can right a clever little ditty on your frog invitations. "Here's hopping you can come to a frog theme party? Ribbit!"

Can you believe how many frog party supplies there are? I had no idea that these little green amphibians were such a popular kids party theme. You can find Frog:

  • coloring pages
  • posters
  • interesting facts
  • dot to dots

Get pictures of all different kinds of frogs and use them as party decorations. Get some frog balloons and a personalized birthday banner.

Frog Craft Ideas

These frog crafts can double as a birthday party favor. Lots of fun hopping your way when you use these fun frog craft ideas. These are easy and quick kids crafts and they are lots of fun at a party. I've put some here for you to take a look at.

  • How about some Inflatable Frog Beach Balls?

  • Frog Pop-Up Craft Kit

  • Rainforest Friends Tattoos

  • Get some free frog coloring pages at our Tips & Tricks page.

    Frog Party Food Ideas

    Frog birthday party ideas means having green food to your party guests.
    1. Spinach tortillas will make some nice green wrap sandwiches to serve your guests.
    2. Make some frog Jello-jigglers with a cookie cutter.
    3. Make some frog cookies...put some green food coloring in your cookie dough. Let everyone decorate the cookies with some frosting and jimmies.
    4. You can get some green lollipops.
    5. Green soda...lemon-lime!

    Frog Cake and Cupcake Decorations

    Aren't these Frog shaped cake topper candles cute! These candles are the perfect way to top off your frog, jungle or rainforest birthday party theme. You get 12 of them, so put one on each cupcake, or 12 on a cake!

    That's a quick and easy way to decorate your birthday cupcakes or cake.

    You can also take a look at How to make Frog Cupcakes.

    Hopping Frog Party Games

    Are you ready for these hopping frog party games? When you are using frog birthday party ideas, there is going to be a lot of hopping going on. Here's one I haven't seen before...Frog Bowling.

    Frog Bowling
    Shop for Outdoor Play & Sport Toys. Frog Bowling Featuring bowling pins shaped like frogs this wooden game makes a fun prize for a garden or pond-themed party Includes four 1 1/2 balls and six 4 frog-shaped pins 4-12

    Of course, there are games like:

    • Leap Frog
    • Hopping Relay Races
    • A Froggy Treasure Hunt

    • Put some plastic or rubber frogs, or some frog stickers, in plastic eggs. Hide them all around your yard or party room and let the frog hunters go and find them all. The kids will have a blast!

      Looking for more game ideas? Try looking at Games & Crafts Page for more frog birthday party ideas.

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