Free Monster Truck Games Make Your Party Fun

Free Monster Truck Games come in very handy when you're planning a Monster Truck Birthday Party for your child.
Party games and activities are so important when you're trying to keep a bunch of kids entertained!

Take a look at the Monster Truck party supplies. You can get them personalized with your child's picture on them or buy them without your picture and have the trucks on them.

Monster Jam Personalized Invitations (8)

Monster Jam Personalized Party Theme

Monster Jam Personalized Photo Banner Large 30" x 100"

Free printable coloring pages and word games help to keep your party on the "road to fun". Truck pictures can be used to decorate your party room and you can use your free printables as a party activity. Make sure you have lots of crayons on hand, because these truck lovin' kids will really enjoy coloring these pages.

Are you going to bake a Monster Truck Cake? You can buy an edible cake topper for a cake or for cupcakes. It's easy to put a cake topper on top of a frosted cake...and it will look great! Or you can use a truck cake pan to bake your party cake in. Use candy and cookies to make your truck cake look authentic. Chocolate round cookies make great truck tires and string licorice is a wonderful cake decorating tool!

Look at The Party Works cake decorating shop online to find some truck cake decorating supplies.

The Oriental Trading Company has loads of good ideas for your party theme. Monster Truck Party Supplies you will find at The Oriental Trading Company include:
  • Plates and Napkins
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Stickers
  • Die Cast Metal Trucks
  • Bracelets
  • Party Banners

Just type in Monster Trucks and you will see all the great party supplies! Here's your link to the Oriental Trading Company.

Now for some Free Monster Truck Games

Some of the Free Monster Truck Games you can find here include:

  • Free Coloring Pages
  • Wordfind Search Games
  • Word Scramble Games
  • Monster Truck Maze Games
Wait till the kids see all these printable party games! The fun is about to being!

Monster Jam Flying Disc

Monster Jam Giant Wall Decals

Monster Jam Goo (8)

There is a Grave Digger Pinata that you can buy a conversion kit for. Use this as a table centerpiece and a party game!

Truck Coloring Pictures / Free Truck Word Search Game / Truck Word Scramble Game / Another Truck Word Search / Free Printable Truck Maze Game / Monster Truck Party Supplies /

Go from Free Monster Truck Games to Party Ideas Parade Home You can find lots of other kids party ideas at Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Some other party ideas for boys are:

The web is a great place to find all kinds of free stuff for your kids parties. You can also use some of these great ideas to entertain your kids on a rainy day or winter afternoon. Why not have a special night each week dedicated to "family time" where you all just hang out and have some fun together!

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