Free Geometric Coloring Pages

You can find free geometric coloring pages online. They are easy to print out and you can use them as a fun party activity or just to keep yourself and your kids entertained.

Free Geometric Coloring Pages

Adults enjoy coloring as much as kids do. That's why some of the coloring pictures you will find here are rather involved designs. Let some of that creative energy out on these free printable pages and have some fun.

Mandalas To Color

Some people consider Mandalas to be geometric pictures but these beautiful designs have an important meaning in Hindu and Buddist religions. These intricate symbols represent the heavens and people use them to meditate to.
Here are 25 mandala coloring pictures for you to enjoy.

Mandala coloring pages

More Mandalas

Geometric Shapes

Triangles, squares, rectangles...You can find these free geometric shapes to color too. It's a great way to teach your child the different shapes while your having a good time.

Free Geometric Shapes to Color

For the more advanced coloring artists there are some more advanced geometric coloring pages available. If you're getting bored with simple designs, you will be delighted with these very special designs.

More Advanced Patterns

Celtic Designs

There are many beautiful Celtic designs that are good to use for some coloring. You can find some interesting Celtic coloring pictures and some Celtic Letters and Numbers below.

Celtic Symbols To Color

Kaleidoscope Designs

You can use the printables you find on this page as a rainy day activity for your children, or as a If you include these pages in your goodie bags make sure to add a small box of crayons too.

If you like the designs you find on this page you will most likely enjoy looking at the Kaleidoscope designs as well.

Kaleidoscope Printables

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