Free Easter Coloring Pages Printable and Fun!

Free Easter coloring pages printable and fun! What better entertainment do you need for your kids on Easter?

Easter is such a fun holiday for kids. Easter egg hunts and candy filled baskets from the Easter Bunny make children smile and laugh, but free Easter coloring pages, printable and free, will make you smile too Mom!

The first batch of coloring sheets I have found include:

  • Girl Hugging Bunny
  • Bunny in Top hat
  • Easter Basket
  • Big Easter Egg
  • Happy Easter
  • Painted Eggs
  • Chick in Easter Egg
There are lots more too. Just print them out, and you've got some great fun activities for your kids. There are over 28 different pictures you can get.

Easter Coloring Pages

Printable Easter Games from A to Z Games

are not free...but they are lots of fun!

This year why not add some crayons to the candy rabbits and chicks in your child's candy basket. This way, when you give them the printable Easter pictures to color, the kids have brand new crayons to work with. New crayons always seem to work better, don't you think?

The next collection of coloring pictures I found for some Easter fun has about 50 pages. Lots of printing...and lots of fun! 50 Free Easter Coloring Pages Printable

Are you going to have a holiday party for your kids and their friends you can check out our Easter Party Ideas.

Do you want some great Free kids crafts ideas?

You can find them at Krafty Kids! This site sells craft kits, but you can find some Free Instructions if you just click on the banner below.

When you do click on Projects.

Wait until you see all the craft ideas waiting there for you! They have:
  • Bible Crafts
  • Everyday Crafts
  • Holiday Crafts
  • EASTER Crafts!!
Remember, there are Free craft ideas for kids so don't miss them!

The Free Easter craft instructions include:

  • Easter Card
  • Easter Egg Ornaments
  • Easter Bunny Envelope
  • Easter Egg Wreath Craft
  • Easter Egg Magnets
  • Easter Egg Wreath Template
  • Easter Egg Template
  • Peter Cotton Tail Song
  • Decoupage Easter Eggs
  • Personalized Photo Easter Eggs
Imagine all the fun you can have with your kids!

You will find Easter party supplies and lots of fun games that the kids will enjoy. You can even use the free Easter coloring pages, printable and free, as a party favor idea! Get a party goodie bag and put some coloring sheets and crayons in it.

Here are more pages for you to look over. You can print one or two, or print them all for lots of fun.

50 More pages to print out!

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