Free Dinosaur Games For Kids

You'll find lots of Free Dinosaur Games and Printables here. Just think, you can print out free games and pictures to color for your next kids party. It's easy to do and best of's free!

You can use these dino pics and games for:

  • Kids party games
  • Kids party activities
  • Rainy day fun
  • Kids craft projects

If your looking for free Dinosaur games for kids you're going to love this first link. It will show some very easy to make yourself paper dinosaurs or even a soaring Pteranodon. Get instructions about how to print out these dinosaur designs and with a little glue and a pair of scissors...make a Dinosaur! These printables make a great child's party craft activity, or just something fun for your kids to do on a cold or rainy afternoon. What kind of Dinosaurs will you find?

  • Allosaurus
  • Ankylosaurus
  • Apatosaurus
  • Camarasaurus
  • Corynthosaurus
  • Dimetrodon
  • Elasmosaurus
  • Iguanodon
  • Muttaburrasaurus!
  • Ornithomimus
  • Parasaurolophus
  • Polecanthus
  • Pteranodon
  • Raptor
  • Stegosaurus
  • Triceratops
  • Tyrannosaurus rex
How's that for a great selection! Just use computer paper, or you can use a heavier paper if you like, print them out and start cutting and gluing. Always make sure your kids are supervised while doing crafts that involve scissors! And kids, don't try this by yourself, get your Mom or Dad to help!

You can use these printables as a party game, a party favor or even a free printable Dinosaur party invitation. Free Dinosaur Games

Free Dinosaur Printables

This next link will take you to hundreds of Dinosaur printable pages. Here's what you will find there.


  • Coloring pages
  • Crossword puzzles with Dino words
  • Kids crafts
  • Fossils
  • Print-outs
  • Quizzes
  • Names
  • Jokes
  • Dictionary
And lots more, I only had time to list a few! All the Dino information and printables you'll ever need are just a click away!

Zoom Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Party Ideas

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas are easy to come up with and fun to host. It's great to watch your children and their friends having fun and learning. It helps kids to realize learning can be fun and makes them want to learn more. Have a fossil hunt, or a Dinosaur Egg Scavenger Contest, build a model or draw a picture or make giant footprints and let the kids follow them on their treasure hunt. All fun party game ideas that are easy to plan. And that's good for the kids and good for you too Mom!

Look for more fun party games and party recipes and Dinosaur birthday cake ideas at for your little Prehistoric Explorer at Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Are you looking for Dinosaur Wallpaper, games and Screen Savers? If so, you're going to really like this next site. You can get the wallpaper and screen savers for free and the games too. Look for Long neck Dinosaurs, dangerous Dino's and Cute Dinos For Kids Animated Wallpaper. Don't forget about Barney the big purple dinosaur because you will find him too along with Yoshi in "Yoshi`S Touch And Go! Wallpaper". There's even a Dino E-card!

The free online games include:

  • Dino Fishing Game
  • The Last Dinosaur Game
  • Jurassic Realm Game
  • Dino Drop Game
Free Dinosaur Wallpaper and Screen Savers

Online Free Dinosaur Games for Kids

Here are about 20 Online Free Dinosaur Games for Kids. You will find games from Tic-Tac-Dino to Super Dino Brothers and even a word search, all dinosaur related, here.

Free Dino Games Online For Kids

Go from Free Dinosaur Games to Free Games

Lower your volume, these Dinosaur Sounds can be loud and a little scary to little be warned!

Free Dino Sounds

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