Frankenstein Costumes For Halloween

Frankenstein costumes for Halloween. It's like a have to have one Frankenstein at the party. Frankie is really a fun long as you don't get him mad. We met his wife too...she had that huge gray streak in her hair, remember? These costume pictures will refresh your memory.

Now, that's not the wig I remember the Bride having, but I did find a picture of her costume and she is wearing the right hair piece in that picture.

Frankenstein Trivia Questions

What do you remember about Frankie and his bride?

Do you remember a funny movie directed by Mel Brooks made in 1974?

Who starred as the monster in that version of this film?

Name three other members of the "Young" cast.

What year was the most famous Frankenstein movie filmed?

What was Mary Shelley's name when she wrote Frankenstein and how old was she?

Who created this monster?

What is the monster's real name?

The funny Mel Brooks movie was named Young Frankenstein.

Funny guy Peter Boyle played the monster.

Gene Wilder, Teri Garr and Madeline Kahn were also in this was Marty Feldman and Gene Hackman.

The movie most of us remember as the original was made in 1931.

Mary Shelley was 19 years old when she wrote this classic monster tale. She wasn't married yet and her name was Mary Godwin.

The man who created the monster was Doctor Victor Frankenstein

The monster never had a name. He was called a devil and a fiend.

More Frankenstein Costume Accessories and Ideas

Here are some more Frankenstein Costume Accessories and ideas for those who want to dress up as this giant green monster or his wife. Since we consider her the Bride she is always dressed in white. Unfortunatly for Frankie, she didn't like him.

Not all costumes for Frankie or his wife are monsters. Take a look at this girl's Frankenstein costume. It's cute as can be for the little girl who likes this monster idea but wants to look pretty as can be on Halloween. This one can accomplish that. Plus you will see another scary version of a guy's monster outfit and the make up kit you will need to achieve that greenish look.

Think you can make your own? Check out our Homemade Frankenstein Costume ideas and get some good ideas on how to make this monster costume yourself.

This is a fun theme for a Halloween disguise and it works for kids, teens and adults. Pick out the outfit you like the best, get the green make up ready and deck yourself out as the monster, the Bride or the child.

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