Fourth of July Dessert Recipes

Red White and Blue Fourth of July Dessert Recipes for your 4th of July barbeque party. Are you inviting the entire family over for some grilling and fun before you go the the yearly fireworks in your town? The 4th of July is a big deal around here, and we always have a big shindig in our yard!

I've just found a lot of patriotic, red, white and blue recipe ideas that will be perfect for your Independence Day party.

The fourth of July recipes are:

  • An American Tradition Cake
  • Stuffed Cake American Style

  • USA Angel Food Cake

  • Velvet Freedom Cake

  • July Fourth Hummingbird Cake

  • Skillet Fruit Topped Cake

  • Celebrate America Cupcakes

  • Creamy Soda Cupcakes

  • Booming Firecracker Cupcakes

  • July 4th Macaroons

  • Uncle Sam's Lollypop Cookies

  • Independence Day Meltaways

  • Star Spangled Cookie Bouquet

  • Flower Berry Cookies

  • Red White and Blue Whoopie Cookies

  • Happy Birthday USA Brownies

  • Delectable Fruit Brownies

  • All American Apple Pie Bars

  • Star Spangled Berry Parfaits

  • Frozen Surprise Watermelon

  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow Triangles

  • Stars and Stripes a La Mode

  • Malted Milk Ball Sandwiches

  • Sparkler Frozen Cheesecake

  • Happy Berry Cheesecake

  • Picnic Shortcakes

  • Yankee Doodle Cake Pie

  • Martha's Cherry Tart

  • Patriotic Star Pastries

  • Butterfly Fruit Pastries

  • Dandy Cream Truffle

  • Red Berry Fluff

  • Patriotic Gelatin Cups

  • Festive Fourth of July Gelatin

  • Blue Pretzel Dish

  • Slow Cooked Berry Dessert

  • Fruit and Cheese Rice Rounds

  • July Fourth Snowballs

  • Pretty Patriotic Pizza

  • Abe’s Fruit Dessert

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