Fondant Shapes Make A Santa Cupcake Topper

by Jillian
(Edison, NJ, USA)

Santa Claus from Fondant Shapes

Santa Claus from Fondant Shapes

Look at this fondant shape. It is a Santa cupcake topper and it's pretty easy to make. The base is a 2" circle of fondant. Each component of the Santa is just a shape...the circle cut in half to make Santa's beard. The tiny circles that make Santa's eyes and a little larger one for his nose.

One rectangle strip for his hat brim. His hat is a half a circle and his beard is like a cresent moon shape or half a baby bib.

Each of these shapes is very familiar to you. Cut some out of your rolled fondant. Put them together...beard first, then the base of the hat, the brim and the circle pom decoration. Then go on to the nose, eyes, and mouth/mustache. When you look at it like a bunch of geometrical shapes it sounds pretty easy, doesn't it? Well, it can be easy!

What will you need to make these Santa cupcake toppers for yourself? Some fondant in red, white and skin tone. A rolling pin, geometric shape cutters, an edible black writing pen...yes they have pens to write on cakes with! Roll your fondant to the thickness you want it, cut out the shapes you want and assemble your Santa Claus. Draw the eyes on and you've just made a Christmas cupcake topper! It's easy to make simple toppers out of fondant...and it's fun too. You can find all the accessories you need at Amazon.

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