Fondant Recipe How To Make Fondant

Here is a basic Fondant Recipe so you can learn how to make fondant. If you like to decorate cupcakes and cakes this clay like cake frosting might interest you. I know you have seen cakes that have been decorated with fondant. And you have probably been quite amazed by what a talented baker can do with this thick frosting.

I was so intrigued by fondant and how creative you can get using it that I took a Wilton fondant class at my local cake supply store. I surprised myself! I made a beautiful square layer cake that looked like a present complete with a fancy bow. It wasn't the best in the class, but I was very happy. It, also, wasn't the worst in the class...LOL. I can honestly say everyone's cake looked pretty good. None of them were perfect but they would certainly get some ooh's and aahh's if we brought them to someone's house.

It was a lot of fun and along with the fee for the class came a book and some fondant tools that I can continue to work with after the class is over. Like most everything else, working with fondant takes practice. You know the old saying, "practice makes perfect"! Well, working with this cake decorating edible clay is a great example of that saying. The more you work with it, the better at it you will become.

Here's Your Fondant Recipe

The first of the fondant recipes we will show you is the basic recipe. This basic fondant recipe we will be sharing to show you the fundamental it should be easy for you to create your own fondant. Just make sure you decorate your cake after draping your fondant. You can use candies, plastic cake toppers...whatever works...even shapes you have cut out with cookie cutters or fondant tools.


  • 2 cups granulated sugar
  • Half cup of water
  • 2 tablespoons light corn syrup


  • Put a large baking sheet on your table top and sprinkle with water.
  • Combine all your ingredients in a saucepan and mix over medium heat.
  • Stir well.
  • Once sugar has dissolved, cover the pan and allow it to boil for a couple or so minutes.
  • Remove the lid and continue cooking the syrup. No need to stir.
  • Keep cooking until it reaches 240 degrees.
  • Pour the mixture on a baking sheet, and let it sit for several minutes.
  • Test with a fingertip if the mixture is warm enough for kneading.
  • Using a dampened metal spatula or dough scraper, start scraping the mixture towards the middle of the sheet.
  • We shall start ‘creaming’ the mixture.
  • To cream your mixture, constantly scrape the fondant to the center, keep drawing the figure ‘8’ and scrape again.
  • Keep doing so until the mixture will become stiff and crumbly.
  • Once the fondant is in this state, being kneading using your hands, so make sure you moisten your hands.
  • Knead the fondant into a ball.
  • You will know when to stop if the ball is already without lumps.
  • To ‘ripen’ the fondant, put at room temperate in a sealed container for twelve hours.

Once ready, your fondant can be flavored or shaped into whatever you want. That wasn't too difficult, was it?

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