First Birthday Party Plans

Time for first birthday party plans already? It seems like only yesterday you brought your new baby home from the hospital, and now almost a year has passed. Your infant has changed from a tiny bundle of joy to a happy and active toddler.

First birthdays' mark the year anniversary of that special day, and now it's time to look into birthday party plans. You want to celebrate with family and friends this special occasion.

Here's how to make your first birthday party plans a success. This party will make the first birthday memory in your baby's history. Make those memories precious, they will last a lifetime. Take a look at our first birthday party plans guide.

First Birthday Party Plans and Invitations

First birthday party plans are a little different than regular party planning. This party is really a celebration of, not only the passing of your babies first year, but of all the years to come. Of course, your baby won't remember it, but you will.

First, you must decide on a location for your baby's birthday party and then you must pick a date. It's easiest to hold a baby's party at home. Choose a time that won't interefere with your childs'nap times. You don't want to have the guest of honor crying and fussy during his or her birthday party!

Take a look at our selections of babies first birthday party invitations

Birthday Guest List and Time Frame

Next, it's time to plan your guest list. Depending on where you are having your birthday party, you must figure out how many people you can invite. A baby's first party guest list is usually made up of close family and good friends.

A baby's party is also not a very long event. A baby's schedule calls for several naps during the day. Plan your party inbetween nap times. You want your baby well rested and able to enjoy this special occasion.

If you are inviting other babies and toddlers to your party, you might want to plan some simple party games for them. Party activities should be quite simple. Keep in mind that sometimes young children are more comfortable staying close to thier Moms in a crowded social setting.

1st Birthday Party Ideas and Themes

Your babies first birthday calls for a theme. There are so many cute first birthday party themes available for you to choose from. There are generic party themes that can be used for both girls and boys and there are specific party themes for boys or for girls. take a look at our Party Planning Page.

Party Supplies for 1st Birthday

First party decorations and supplies aren't hard to find at all. Just take a look at our 1st Birthday Party Supplies list to see the suggestions we make.

It's a suggested party list, so you can pick and choose the supplies you feel are necessary. Our guide lists all the possibilities, but you will see things you may not need. Just check off what you want.

You might be interested in reading over our party planning Tips & Tricks guide to get some good ideas to help you complete your first birthday plans.

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