First Birthday Party Plans

Your baby's first birthday party plans begin with a guest list and a party budget. Then you have to pick a first birthday party theme. I'll bet you are a little nervous and a lot excited, huh Mom? You probably can't even believe a year has passed, they certainly fly by. But you can't stop time from passing, so make sure to make the best of every day...especially where that little angel is concerned.

1st Birthday Princess Centerpiece

1st Birthday Princess Mylar Balloon

1st Birthday Princess Box

I know you want to be the best Mom ever...but don't be too hard on yourself. Make sure to enjoy these precious moments. These are very special days. I know, I have four children who are now around your age!

I am sure you want to plan the best first birthday party ever and that's why I'm letting you in on a First birthday party secret. It's our first birthday planning guide and it has so many helpful hints about decorating, food recipes and party game ideas. And it's all about First birthdays, and here it is...1st Birthday Party Ideas

I'd like to share one of the ideas from this party planning guide with you. It's about First birthday invitations. It suggests that you use your baby's hand print as part of your party invitation. Trace or scan that tiny little hand and put it on the party invites. Isn't that a wonderful idea?!

Boy's First Birthday Centerpiece

Boy's First Birthday Cups

Boy's First Birthday Box

Now that you are armed with the information you need, go and plan that perfect first party. Celebrate the first year of your baby's life. And enjoy every single minute. I hope both of you have a wonderful time.

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