First Birthday Party Invitations Ideas

It's time for your baby's first birthday party and you need some first birthday party invitations.

Choosing The Perfect Party Invitation For Your Baby's First Birthday Party.

If you are at this stage of your party planning you must have already thought about first party ideas and decided upon your baby's first birthday party theme. You can now base your first birthday party invitation choice on your party's theme. You have a few choices here.

You Can Make Invitations Yourself

Homemade and personalized invitations are often kept as a keepsake by close friends and family. Creating personalized invitations will give your guests, as well as your child, something to cherish for many years to come.

You can find lots of first birthday invitation ideas online. You will also find lots of free printable first birthday invitations that you can prepare online and then easily print out on your home printer.

Free invitations are great and the best part is you can still personalize them with special first birthday invitation wording that you write yourself or find online. You can also add embellishments to the printed invitations to personalize them even more. You should look at scrapbook supply stores for little add on help for your invites.

Write The Invitations Out Yourself

You can buy blank invitations at the store and write them out using one of the many pretty colored pens that are available. In fact, many office supply stores sell metallic ink, shimmering inks, fluorescent inks, or inks that glow in the dark that you can use to add a unique touch to your invitations.

What should you put inside the blank invitation? You can find all kinds of first birthday invitation wording help online. If you like to write, you should just write a sample version of what your feeling. See how it looks. It may be the perfect words for your baby's first birthday party invitation because it's from your heart.

Have Your Baby's First Birthday Invitations Printed

You can buy some pretty packaged invitations at your local stationary or office supply store, and have them printed with the party details.

You will be able to choose the invitation wording you like the best, or you can write your own and have the invitation supplier print them in.

You will have to choose the design for the front of the invite, and the colors you like best. You should have no trouble choosing the perfect invitation to go with your party theme. Printers usually have dozens of invitation styles to choose from.

You Can Find Computer Software

There are computer programs can be purchased at these stores also, and you can create your invitations at home on your computer; when you are happy with them, you can print them out on card stock paper on your own home computer. Assorted printing paper and envelopes can be purchased at any office supply store.

Where Do I Find First Birthday Invitation Wording

If you decide to make your own first birthday party invitations you're going to want the invitation wording to be perfect. You can write what you feel, you can rhyme your words or you can look online for help. You will find some first birthday invitation wording help at

You may have to rewrite your invitation wording a couple times to make sure you have the first birthday party invitation wording perfect! It's such a special occasion and it only comes once.

You can tell all about the first year of your baby's life. Include personal facts like all your baby's firsts:

  • Your baby's first word

  • When your baby took his/her first step
  • When your baby first smiled

  • Write Out And Mail The Invitations

    Is your guest list completed? If not, write down your guest list when your done picking out your invitations. The time has come to fill out the invitations if you haven't already, or take your pre-printed invites, and insert them into your envelopes. Address the invitation envelopes, put on your stamp and return address and pat yourself on the back!

    You have just completed one of the most important steps of your first birthday party planning.

    The perfect time to mail these party invitations is 4-5 weeks in advance.

    Make sure you put RSVP by a certain date on the invites...That saves a lot of hassle!

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