First Birthday Party Ideas For Your Baby

So, Baby’s finally turning a year old! It's already time for First birthday party ideas! Isn't it amazing how the time does fly.

I'll bet you remember the drive home from the hospital and now begins the lifelong tradition of planning birthday parties for your child, but planning a first birthday party is a very special time for you. There are many options out there, but which one will make the perfect first birthday for your baby?

First Birthday Party Theme

First birthday party ideas are plentiful, but you want this party to be personalized and special. Your baby will only have one very first birthday party! Your only going to be able to plan Baby's 1st birthday party once so it's important for you to get it right!

Here are some of the more popular themes for a first birthday party:

  • Winnie the Pooh

  • Elmo
  • 1 is Fun
  • Baby Einstein
  • 1st Birthday Princess
  • Sesame Street

1st Birthday Party Invitations

Once you have the theme chosen, you can begin the guest list for your baby first birthday party. 1st birthday party invitations are often kept as keepsakes by close friends and family. Creating personalized 1st birthday party invitations will give your guests as well as your child something to cherish for many years to come. If you want to really personalize the baby's party you might want to start with 1st birthday photo invitations. That will be sure to be a "keeper" for all your guests!

If you decide the personalized invitations are not what your looking for, you can purchase packaged general invitations at your local stationary or office supply store, and the pertinent information can either be typed up on the computer and printed out onto the invitation, or can be hand-written using fancy ink pens of assorted colors and constitutions.

In fact, many office supply stores sell metallic ink, shimmering inks, fluorescent inks, or inks that glow in the dark that you can use to add a unique touch to your invitations. Many economic computer programs can be purchased at these stores also, and you can create your invitations at home on your computer; when you are happy with them, you can print them out on card stock paper on your own home computer. Assorted printing paper and envelopes can be purchased at any office supply store.

Get More First Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

First Birthday Party Supplies

With your guest list made and your invitations mailed out, now it is time to think about 1st birthday party decorations for the big day. Balloons and streamers are party staples, but what about more adventurous decorations such as life-sized cutouts that will provide memorable photo opportunities for your guests?

How about party favors? There are many more choices now besides the standard kazoos and noisemakers. How about personalized candy bar wrappers, or small personalized disposable cameras?

Celebrate Express is a great online party supply store. You can shop from the comfort of your own home!

It will come in handy to know who came to the party in order to send out thank you notes, so a sign in poster, dog or book set out on a table for guests to sign in will help you with this, as well as creating a very special memento; customized sign in books can be found at party stores. If you use a sign in placard you can frame it as a keepsake of your child's 1st birthday party.

1st Birthday Party Centerpieces

Depending on how many tables will be set up for guests, specialized centerpieces could be very nice. Perhaps a Pooh Bear card with the names of the individuals to be sat at the table; this can be helpful for very large parties, or parties in which guests may not know each other.

Assigned seating can allow guests to mingle with individuals that are new, creating new friendships.

First Birthday Party Ideas for Table Decorations

As long as we’re on the topic of tables, how about table cloths, plates, cutlery, and napkins?

Finding theme-friendly table decorations can be as easy as looking at your local party supply store, or you can create them yourself. Large bolts of scrap material at the craft store make economical and original table coverings. Colored plastic cutlery with matching paper plates and napkins can be purchased in bundles at party supply stores.

First birthday party ideas are endless! There are so many different baby themes for you to decide about. Just remember, the more personalized and individual your party decorations are the more memorable Baby’s 1st Birthday will be for everyone in attendance!

Whatever first birthday party ideas you choose, you're sure to have a wonderful celebration of the first year anniversary of the birth of your child.

Babys First Birthday Cake

You will also have to decide a few things about babys first birthday cake. Take a look in our birthday cake guide to get some delicious recipe and cake decorating ideas! It's easier than it looks to make and decorate a birthday cake for your child.

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

First Birthday Party Invitations

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