Firefighter Party Favors

Get Firefighter Party Favors To Match Your Firefighter Party Supplies And Theme. Kids Are Going To Like These Fun Favor Ideas!

Firefighter party favors come in different shapes, sizes and packs. The Firefighter or Fire Truck party theme is perfect for a kids birthday. There's something about big red trucks and sirens that kids really like. Plus you can find lots of fun party games, favors and even some free coloring pages.

Firefighter Birthday Box

Just take a look at this's the Ultimate Firefighter party favor set. It is full of goodies that any fire fighter, no matter how young or old, would love.

Firefighter Ultimate Favor Set

What could be in a favor bag called the "Ultimate"? Let's check out what novelty toys are included:
  • 1 Firefighter Sticker Book
  • 1 Firetruck
  • 1 Fire Extinguisher Squirt
  • 1 Fire Chief Badge
  • 1 Mini Bubbles
  • 1 Solid Favor Tote

The tote is a re-usable bag the kids can use again and again. Some Moms like these pre-packed party favor packages. This way, when you order the set, you are done. Other Moms like to buy their party favors in individual packages, and there are plenty of great ideas when your party theme is a firefighter. How about a hat, a badge, or even one of those cute Rubber Duckies, to use as a kids birthday party favor. There's a firefighter's hat, a fireman's badge, and the Rubber Duckies are also fire fighters. Look how much fun these novelty toys will supply at your party.

Kids Fire Fighter Hat

There's the hat and now I am going to show you the badges. These fire fighter accessories are fun favors and they work well as game prizes too.

Fire Chief Badge

Fire Fighter Rubber Ducky

The Rubber Ducky craze includes so many different kinds of ducks...and now there are even Rubber Ducky Fire Fighters. Use these ducks as a game prize too. Make sure you plan lots of games with a firefighter theme. Games like

Fire Fighter Rubber Ducky

Firefighter Party Guide

How about some fun party ideas to go with these great party favor ideas. A firefighter party needs some action, and here are some fun filled action suggestions for you:

  • Make An Invitation
  • How To Make A Firefighter Cake
  • Firefighter Water Relay - Put out the fire during this fun relay race
  • Pin the Tail on the Dalmatian - That spotted dog is a fireman's best friend...why not pin the tail on this puppy
  • Leap Frog Ladder Race - hop over the other "firefighters" on the race to the finish
  • Fire Truck Craft - kids love crafts so let them make their own fire truck with a shoe box
  • The Fire Squad Scavenger Hunt - your guests will be searching for lots of "fires" during this scavenger hunt
  • Water Balloon Toss - more water games! Water is a fireman's best friend. Let's see which team can "go the distance" with this fun water balloon game idea
  • Free Firefighter Coloring Page - kids like to color, so print out this free firefighter page
  • Get it all for free in this

    Firefighter Party Guide

    More Firefighter Favor Ideas

    There are fun favors like these Firefighter squirt toys. They look like a fire extinguisher, but in reality they are water squirters!

    Fire Extinguisher Squirt

    Kids like to color so this personalized coloring book full of firefighter pictures to color in will be a big hit at your party.

    Firefighter Personalized Coloring Book

    Another favor idea that is always popular with kids are the sticker sheets. This sticker sheet has firefighter themed stickers on it.

    Firefighter Stickers

    And wouldn't you know it, there's a sticker book to use those stickers in.

    Firefighter Sticker Book

    And here is another party favor box with a firefighter theme. This is the deluxe size party favor kit and it looks like lots of fun. It has less stuff than the ultimate favor pack and there's no bag...but there is a favor box that looks like a fire truck!

    Firefighter Deluxe Favor Set

    Included in this favor box is:
    • 1 Firetruck Favor Box
    • 1 Firetruck
    • 1 Fire Extinguisher Squirt
    • 1 Fire Chief Badge
    • 1 Firefighter Sticker Book
    • 1 Disc Launchers

  • There sure are a lot of choices when you decide to host a firetruck theme birthday party. I hope you find the party favors you need to complete your birthday celebration plans.

    Firefighter Party Games

    A firefighter theme party isn't all about Firefighter party favors, there has to be more going on that just getting some great favors. Make sure you plan some fun party games. Read the party guide on this page to get some games, and here's a couple listed here.

    Firefighter Game

    The other party game on this page is also a classic...classic party games have passed the test of time so they are usually pretty fun to play.

    Firetruck Pinata

    Have a great time picking out your party food and your party games, and those firefighter party favors!

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