Fire Truck Party Ideas

Fire Truck Party Ideas will bring out the hero in your son or daughter! Kids are thrilled by firefighters and the wonderful work they do. Kids love the big fire trucks, the sirens, the hoses and the exciting stories of how firefighters help people.

Many children dream of someday becoming a firefighter and that's why a firefighter party would thrill them! Use some Fire Truck Party Invitations to invite all your guests for this fun party idea.

Firefighter party ideas are good for:

  • Kid's birthday parties
  • A summer party
  • A block party

Fire Truck Birthday Cake

Here's how to make a Fire Truck Birthday Cake for your kid's fire truck party! It's easy and fun to make your own cake designs. This video will show you how to make it.

How to make a fire truck cake

Extra ideas for your fire truck birthday cake.

  • Use stick pretzels to make the ladder
  • Use yellow icing instead of the red
  • Use white icing for the truck and spray on red edible food coloring to make it a red truck
  • Some fire trucks are white so use white frosting

Get more fire truck cake design ideas! Find out more about making your own Fire Truck birthday cake.

Or check out this fire engine cake decorating idea.

Fire Engine Birthday Cake

Visit Your Local Fire House

Sometimes the firefighters show guests around the fire house. Why not check and see if you could bring your party guests on a tour? Imagine how exciting it would be for the kids to visit the fire house and get a first hand look at the trucks and equipment the firemen use.

Afterwards bring the kids back to your house for some party food and games. Give everyone a firefighter badge as a party favor!

Fire Fighter Games For The Kids

What is more perfect when your using Fire Truck Party Ideas than having firefighter related fun games!?

You can set up a firefighter training station in your yard and time the kids as they run through the obstacle course.

How about trying your skills with firefighter tattoo art? You can actually get some temporary tattoos and apply them! Or if you have any drawing talent practice making the Maltese Cross and draw them on the kids.
The classic party game of pin the tail on the donkey has been revised to fit the firefighter party.

The Firefighter Fire Truck Pinata always goes over big with the kids.

I've had block parties where fire trucks have come to give the kids on the block a first hand look at the trucks and it's always a big hit.

Fire Truck Party Ideas For Decorations

You can get some pictures of fire trucks and put them around the house. Party balloons in red and yellow, with a few stickers of a fire truck, on each balloon would make some festive decorations the kids will enjoy.

Use a plastic fire truck as a table center piece and you can find stickers or coloring books of fire trucks to give out as party favors. You can give each party guest a personalized firefighter helmet.

Personalized Child’s "Fire Chief" Hats

Personalized Child’s "Fire Chief" Hats are fun for everyone.


You can get them from Oriental Trading. Oriental Trading has lots of party activities and party decorations and I think they are the one of the cheapest party supplies stores you will find online.

If your looking for a party idea that kids will enjoy and is easy to decorate for, you've found it with some simple and easy Fire Truck Party Ideas!

Fire Truck Coloring Pages

You know what your Fire Truck Party Needs? Fire Truck Coloring Pages! Let the kids color these free printable coloring sheets as a party activity. Put some in a goodie bag with a box of crayons and you've got a party favor! It's not expensive to do and the kids will love it!

Fire Truck Coloring Pages

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