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Kids and adults like firemen and fire trucks! The sound of the sirens alerting everyone to a crisis, the speeding trucks and cars moving out of the way to let them through, are all the sights and sounds of heros at work. Yet for them, it's just another day.

My son, Jeff, is a fire fighter and he is full of safety tips for our family. "Make sure to check your fire alarms", he likes to remind me every time he visits. Fire alarms are extremely important to the safety of your kids, your family and your home. Check your batteries frequently and make sure the alarms are in working order! The life you save may be your own...or your childs!

Here are your Fire Truck Coloring pages. You will find lots of different kinds of fire trucks to color. Some of the different trucks you will find are:

  • CFA Aerial Firefighting Vehicle
  • Pumper Fire Vehicle
  • Tanker Fire Vehicle
  • All Terrain Fire Vehicle
  • Even some Firefighter Uniforms

Fire Truck Coloring Pages

More Fire Truck Pages To Color

FDNY Trucks To Color

Real Fire Trucks Pictures

Fire Trucks Giant Wall Decals

Fire Trucks Invitations (8)

Fire Trucks Napkins (16)

If you'd like to see some real fire trucks and find out more about them you can visit the CFA web site. Fire Truck Pictures

Make a Fire Truck From a Box

Here is a fun project for you to make with your kids...Make a fire truck. Now that's a great idea for a family night activity, or for some real fun at a kids birthday party where the theme is...Fire Trucks!

How to Make a Fire Truck From a Box

Fire Truck Photo Prop

Fire Trucks 18" Foil Balloon

Fire Trucks 9 oz. Cups (8)

You can make a fire truck out of a milk carton. Now that's another great party craft idea or one for you and your kids to make together. It's easy and lots of fun.

Here are the instructions!

Here is a fire truck connect the dots game. You can print it out and let your kids have some fun while teaching them the basics of fire safety. There's lots to learn at this web site from NYS Department of State.

Fire Truck Game

Fire Truck 1st Birthday Bib

Fire Truck Cake Pan

Fire Truck Jumbo 33" Foil Balloon

Here is a fun fire truck emergency word search game you can print out for your party guests or for your kids to play with. It will help them learn while they are having fun.

Fire Truck Emergency Word Search

Get some Fire Safety tips right here. Read them carefully and go over them with your children. You want to keep them safe at all times and there is no better way than by teaching them what to do in an emergency! Be prepared! That's a great motto for everyone.

Fire Safety Tips

Fire Engine Toy (8)

Fire Hydrant Cup (1)

Child Size Red Plastic Fire Chief Hat

Here are some more free printable Fire Truck Coloring Pages. More Coloring Pages

Free Fire Truck Party Invitations

Here is an interesting find. At Rent a Fire Truck they give you party invitations and a party certificate. You will be able to print these free Fire Truck Party Invitations out! What a great idea for a Fire Truck Party! Look at their web site for a look at this great party company.

Printable Fire Truck Invitations at Rent a Fire Truck

Check out our Fire Truck Party Ideas

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