Fire Truck Birthday Cake

Make a Fire Truck Birthday Cake for your next kids birthday party. Kids love fire trucks. The big red engines, the sirens, the firemen who are so brave. Firemen are true heros and that is just how kids see them.

Here's a video to show you how to make this fun and easy cake design.

How to make a fire truck cake

Here is what you will need to make a fire truck birthday cake:

  • 3 cakes baked in 8x4-inch loaf pans
  • 2 containers of vanilla frosting (that is equal to 4 cups of frosting) This video is from Betty Crocker who makes cake mixes and frostings!) Black food coloring
  • Red gel or paste food coloring
  • 10 red chewy fruit-flavored gumdrops (get the plain ones, not the ones with a sugar coating)
  • 4 black sandwich cookies (like an Oreo)
  • 2 pieces black licorice wheel candy
  • A Plate, tray or platter to put it on. It should measure about 14X10)
  • 2 pastry bags or 2 Ziploc bags

How to make a fire truck birthday cake

Here is how to prepare the frostings.

  • Put about 1/2 cup white vanilla frosting into a bowl and mix in a little black food coloring to make the color gray you want for your fire truck.
  • Put 2 cups of your white vanilla frosting into a bowl and add some red food coloring. Make it the color you want your fire truck. (Red food gel or paste works well, just let it sit overnight)
  • Put 1/2 cup of the white vanilla frosting into a pastry bagGet a pastry bag (you can make your own pastry bag. Get a Ziploc bag with frosting and cut a small piece of one of the bottom corners off)

Now it's time to assemble the fire truck birthday cake.

Make sure your cakes are cool. Trim the tops of your loaf cakes so they are flat. You can find a fire truck template at if you need more help than the video. Cut the cakes in this manner. You will need:

  • 1 flat topped loaf cake on your platter. Cut about 1/8 of the next flat top loaf cake it's a little shorter than the first one. Put the second, smaller cake on top of the first one. Line up the cakes making sure the back edges are even.

    The 3rd loaf cake gets cut in half. Put the two halves in front of your other cakes on the platter. These will be the cab of the fire truck cake. (If you are confused just watch the video again.) Cover and connect all the cake pieces with your red frosting. Crumb coat your cake.

    At this point, many bakers like to put their cake in the freezer for about a half hour. It will harden the crumb coat on your cake and make frosting easier.

    How to decorate the fire truck birthday cake

    • Put another coating of red frosting on the entire fire truck cake.
    • Take your gray icing and put it into a pastry bag.
    • Pipe the gray frosting into the area of your cake where the front and back of the truck connect.
    • Smooth the gray frosting down with an off-set-spatula.
    • Put those sandwich cookies on the cake to make wheels.
    • Pipe the gray frosting around each one and make a dot in the middle of each one to make a hubcap.
    • Line the entire cake with the gray frosting.
    • Pipe once again in the front and back area of the cake to form a bumper on your truck. Smooth it with the spatula.
    • Make windows by piping the white frosting on the front of your cake in a rectangular shape. Now make more windows on each side. 1 window on each side.
    • Smooth the windows with the off-set spatula.
    • Make a ladder on the top of your truck with the white frosting in the pastry bag.
    • .Put black licorice wheels on the back, sides of the truck like a fire hose.
    • Cut your gum drops, just about 1/8 of an inch...4 red and 4 yellow.
    • Put the gumdrops on the front and back of the truck with some white frosting. These are your headlights and your taillights.
    • Put the rest of the gumdrops on the top of your truck...these are your flashing lights.
  • Your fire truck birthday cake is finished and it must look great! Any time you are confused or unsure, just watch the video. Or you can go to

    Betty Crocker Fire Engine Cake Template to see more detailed instructions. Thanks Betty Crocker!

    This easy cake design is just one of the fun cakes you can make yourself.

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