Fire Engine Birthday Cake

You can make a Fire Engine Birthday Cake for your next kids birthday party! Use our fire truck party ideas and find some fun fire party supplies to amaze and thrill the birthday boy, or girl, and all the guests too.

Fire Truck 19" Pinata

Fire Trucks Giant Wall Decals

Fire Truck Photo Prop
Firefighters are a source of wonder to a young child. They seem to recognize, right away, that these guys are heros. And rightly so, they are certainly heros. And a great party theme that honors them is the fire truck party. Plus there are so many fun games and craft ideas that go along with this kids party theme.

How To Make A Fire Engine Birthday Cake

The instructions telling how to make a fire engine birthday cake are below. Read them over carefully and then check the list of ingredients you will need to make and decorate this cake. There's nothing worse than beginning a cake baking project and in the middle, finding you don't have all the ingredients you need!

Fire Engine cake ingredients are:

  • 1 Sheet Cake sized 13-by-9-by-2-inches
  • 6 cups Red Cake Icing
  • 1 cup Gray Cake Icing
  • Red M&M's for the tires
  • Chocolate Sandwich Cookies to use as tires
  • Pretzel Rods and Sticks to use as a ladder
  • Yellow Gumdrops to use as emergency lights
  • Black Jelly Bean White Chiclets to use as headlights
  • Mini Jawbreakers to use as the truck controls
  • Black Shoestring to use as hoses and outline the windows
If you have different candies to use to decorate your truck, go for it. The idea is to make the best looking fire engine cake and if you have a better idea...please let the rest of us know!

Click on the link below to find out how to assemble and decorate your Fire Engine Birthday Cake.

It's easier than you would think it is to make a fire engine cake. It's fun too. Let your kids help and they will be so thrilled with themselves...and with you Mom! They are going to realize just what an amazing mother they have. Now go and enjoy that fire truck birthday party!

11" x 14" Fire Trucks Scroll

Fire Trucks Personalized Birthday Banner Standard 18" x 61"

Fire Truck Cake Pan

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